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The group black lives matter are scum communist trash

WTF is going on

Posted 10:53 am, 08/02/2020

WTF is going on

Posted 4:19 pm, 07/24/2020

Who among you would not put this animal down in a painful way?

WTF is going on

Posted 9:24 am, 07/24/2020

Does anyone still believe these are peaceful protesters or are they communism supporting trash ?

WTF is going on

Posted 4:21 pm, 06/23/2020

Exactly. They also want to erase our history destroying statues and our traitor governor has allowed it to happen. They just said they want statues of Jesus and stained glass pictures of Him destroyed. Not here they won't for very long.


Posted 9:47 am, 06/23/2020

They're just concerned about black lives when a white man is involved with the death.

Where's the outrage with blacks killing other blacks EVERY DAY in cities across America?
They fire bullets with no regard as to where they might stop and too often an innocent child dies because of it.

WTF is going on

Posted 8:41 pm, 06/22/2020

Our Forefathers Being Condemned as Immoral - by the Most Immoral, Degenerate Lowlifes in Society

WTF is going on

Posted 4:12 pm, 06/22/2020

Funded by George Soros and supported by traitor politicians everywhere

WTF is going on

Posted 4:21 pm, 06/21/2020

The title is self-explanatory

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