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How do you get your news?
Carolina Public Press has asked me to help get this out to as many rural North Carolinians as possible. They're doing a survey to determi...

Camper repair
Can you all recommend someone in Wilkes or the surrounding counties that handles RV / Camper repair? I'm working with a travel trailer th...

This is very bad news for NC and deer hunters
I would post the link but Jason's web site wont allow it for some reason RALEIGH, N.C. (March 31, 2022) – Officials with the N.C. Wildlif...

Say no to government controlled digital money
https://www.infowars.com/po...lockchain/ The same monster that has stolen from us all our lives is about to have the power to control wha...

State Senate
OK GOPhers, which one do you support for Senate? And why? Shirley Randleman of Wilkes Eddie Settle of Wilkes (but he's really in Elkin) L...

Senate agrees on permanent daylight saving time
Just two days after the nation's latest stressful "spring forward" to the later sunsets of daylight saving time, the Senate una...

No Reprieve For Consumers As Congress Gives Themselves A Raise & Inflation Soars
https://beforeitsnews.com/u...89639.html When we're all starving to death I guess we'll all blame the ruskies.

Anybody seen them yet?

NC declares bounty on Bradford pear trees
The Bradford pear tree is an ornamental commonly planted in North Carolina. Sure, it has pretty blossoms, but it's also structurally weak...

Rutherford Co. man confesses to killing multiple people
[Daniel] Printz has been linked to a missing woman from Charlotte. The warrant also said Printz acknowledged committing multiple murders,...

This guy's a real winner...
Matthew Freeman of Yadkinville... arrested in 2013 for felony breaking and entering and larceny. Caught red handed after breaking into an...

Snowing in Yadkinville?
65 yesterday, snowing today? Good thing that climate change isn't real, eh Sparkles? We'd really be in trouble!

Take these stupid, useless masks/muzzles off our children
This is the craziest crap I've ever seen! Folks wearing provably useless masks outside, in their cars by themselves, Walking in a large p...

Skip Long on Jeopardy
Did anybody watch Skip Long (from East Bend) on Jeopardy? https://www.wfmynews2.com/v...d70ce0fc1d

6,000 urged to evacuate as fertilizer plant fire threatens an ammonium nitrate explos
A fire that erupted Monday night at the Winston Weaver Fertilizer plant in Winston Salem, North Carolina, has diminished in size but stil...

Traveling for the holidays
Those of you that are traveling for the holidays know that you must take a Rapid COVID test within 2 days of travel. There's an at home t...

Just heard about jobs in Dobson at Wayne Farms starting you out at $17.00 an hour! Plus a sign on bonus! If I were younger would jerk tha...

“You are not Alone”: Worldwide Resistance against the mRNA "Vaccine" and Covid Fraud
https://www.globalresearch....ud/5755538 This is their plan for us all. Those of us that are still of pureblood, need to remain so by any...

Elkin Presbyterian Church
Leaders at Elkin Presbyterian Church announced its preschool will close due to a low number of its staff following its COVID 19 vaccine p...

Parents in Wake County have filed charges against school board officials for the lewd books
https://www.thegatewaypundi...rd photos/ Good for these parents. Take out the perverted trash


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