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Prior abuse, ‘exorcism’ alleged in child death (Mt Airy)
With the release of additional search warrants, the events and timeline surrounding the death of 4 year old Skyler Wilson at the hands of...

Refuse to comply with unconstitutional laws
I have never advocated the use of force to overthrow a government, even this one, which is neither legitimate nor Constitutional. I have ...

Small planes overflying homes at treetop level
The planes around here are becoming a noise nuisance and a danger to lives and property. It would only take a small pilot error or weathe...

Scum politicians and bureaucrats
Does anyone believe the gas and diesel prices will magically come down now after this farce of an election ? Dream on if you do. No matte...

American Pickers is returning to North Carolina!
The American Pickers are excited to return to North Carolina! We plan to film episodes of The History Channel hit television series throu...

Remember when we had a jokes thread?
Folks would post the funniest PG13 jokes! I was thinking of restarting it with a funny joke but then I thought that could turn into a tra...

Be on the lookout for stolen guns
Yadkinville gun shop, Foothills Firearms and Ammo, robbed again; 20+ firearms stolen They were robbed on October 21, and then again this ...

What are the BAYADA home health care employee standards of care?
I know that home health care is a stressful occupation, and it is hard to find good help anymore. But the standards have apparently gone ...

Logging truck involved in Surry County deadly crash
According to North Carolina State Highway Patrol Trooper Ned Moultrie, a tractor trailer transporting logs overturned while driving south...

Durham Family Murders
I am writing a book about the 1972 Durham family murders in Boone and would very much like to communicate with family members (particular...

Threat to our republic
Well, we heard yesterday that everyone who values liberty and personal rights is now an enemy of democracy. We dont live in a democracy a...

Has anyone else noticed how slow and creepy ppl are working in resturants
The other day i went to yadkinville flea mkt. on the way back i stoped at a old country resturant and ordered a Foot Long "HOTDOG&qu...

They need a new name for monkeypox
How about Buttpox? Its more accurate.

Relief Support for Kentucky Flood Victims
Captain Mark Garner Post 7794 of Elkin with the assistance of the NC Army National Guard is collecting relief supplies for Kentucky Flood...

Unlawful raid on Trump
This goes way past lawlessness from this illegitimate UN controlled government. Why didn't Trump's secret service detail repel the goon s...

AR 15s in schools
Madison county has decided to put AR 15s in all of its school campuses. Thoughts? They say that the rifles will be locked up in a safe, w...

Jose Mayo
Don't panic! I found your card in the ATM and dropped it in the bank's night deposit.

Total Woman Care
Can anyone give me an opinion on Diane Moon at Total Woman Care in Elkin?

SPCA overstepping
The SPCA seems to have overstepped their bounds by seizing the pitbulls from a Guilford county residence on suspicions of dog fighting. I...

Notice to Deer hunters
Because of one case of CDW found in Yadkin County a moratorium on baiting deer will start January 1, 2023. The Wildlife Service will be h...


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