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Ruth Bader Ginsburg dead at 87
Say hello to trump choosing another supreme court justice

Vote the scum roy cooper out of office
Unless you just enjoy double digit unemployment and unconstitutional mandates that restrict freedom

east bend solar farm
whats peoples thoughts on this? Personally I think its great. Farmers need to diversify their crops do they are not dependent if one has ...

Gov. Cooper, bonuses to teachers
I missed the first few minutes, but he just proposed a $2000 bonus to teachers, and $1500 to other school staff

Gov. Cooper, staying in phase 2 for 5 more weeks
Just announced, no change until at least mid September

Gov. Cooper, moving on to Phase 2.5
Limits on mass gatherings increase to 25 people indoors and 50 outdoors. Playgrounds can open. Gyms can open at 30% capacity. Age require...

Our Constitutional Republic and we are in great danger
https://beforeitsnews.com/f...31852.html We must not allow our rights to be trampled under a power mad government's boot as they proclaim...

Female teacher in Statesville arrested
The Iredell County Sheriff's Office announced Monday morning the arrest of Iredell Statesville Schools teacher, Elizabeth Wright, on felo...

Recovered COVID patient speaks out
From a 37 year old preacher in Elkin that tested positive. His symptoms were relatively mild, but he spread it to 7 other people... one b...

Are you ready for the new world order
https://beforeitsnews.com/e...60120.html Let this sink in what they want to do to you and your family. It's at the door.

Darwin's Cafe Hamptonville
Has the place been sold or has the cook left? Food is nothing like it was a few months ago.

The group black lives matter are scum communist trash
The title is self explanatory

Legitimate questions about schools reopening
This was emailed to me, but I think it poses fair questions... What happens if a school runs out of masks or sanitizer? What if two kids ...

Mocksville Walmart
For those going to Walmart in Mocksville the only entrance open is on the Grocery side

Gov. Cooper, masks are now required in all public areas
Gov. Roy Cooper on Wednesday issued a mandatory mask requirement across North Carolina and ordered a "pause" on easing any othe...

Term Limits for Congress
There's a Bill in Congress that wants to pass a Constitutional amendment limiting House members to 3 terms and Senate to 2 terms. What do...

NASCAR caving to the outrage mob doesn't deserve our money or time
I've tuned out so long as there's no rebel flag and there is a Bubba. I withdraw the money I spend on their crap until they wake up

Roy Cooper is the scum of the earth
Traitor, low life, coward, effeminate, scum

Surry's Most Wanted
* Jimmy Tyler Hutchens, 28, a white male wanted on a post release warrant and probation violations who is on supervision for felony sex o...

16 year old boy attacked by a shark at OBX
You shouldn't go to the beach anyway, in the middle of a pandemic... but if you do, be wary of sharks! A 16 year old boy visiting North C...


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