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Socialists pushing for higher property taxes soon.


Posted 3:15 pm, 05/28/2019

RedforEd is starting a push for higher property taxes in Wake County now and will probably succeed given their liberal attitudes. However, it will not be limited to liberal counties long. The public school system is already a joke as liberal teachers push a globalist, anti-nationalism/patriot/God ideology onto the students now as the vast majority of teachers have been brainwashed into believing this way by attending liberal-run institutions themselves. Follow the money and you will see who is backing this movement. Property taxes are already unconstitutional and if you believe you own your property just don't pay these taxes long enough and watch the people in government show up to attempt to take it from you. That's really American isn't it? No one should be forced to pay for an already failing system and we for sure don't need to give a raise to people that are not teaching our children, but indoctrinating them into believing crap that goes directly against the teaching of Jesus Christ. We need to let the politicians know they will be unemployed if they push this here.

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