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Roadside Mowing in Yadkin

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Posted 9:00 am, 05/08/2018

Did you get a name of the mowing contractor?


Posted 12:34 pm, 05/07/2018

If you turn left onto Center Road off of Messick Road, the grass is so high that you can't see traffic coming up Center Road. It's a wonder there hasn't been an accident and if this isn't corrected soon, there most certainly will be.

Don't know what's happened with the mowing crews in this area, but there seems to be very little of this going on.
Just got off the phone with the DOT office and they passed the buck to the contractor who's supposed to be doing this. Spoke to a nice lady there who put me through to a boss who doesn't answer the phone or bother to call back. Here are the phone numbers if anyone else wants to call.
Local DOT 336 679 2242
Mowing contractor office 336 903 9229

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