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Partners Behavioral Heath pushing government dope


Posted 1:18 pm, 04/02/2019

For those that do not know, this LME (Local Management Entity) that provides tax payer money to help people without insurance get substance abuse services such as detox in Surry, Yadkin and Iredell plus some others nearby have now cut off detox services in N. Wilkesboro at Synergy Recovery due to that facility not wanting to push opioid replacement such as methadone, subutex, and suboxone onto unsuspecting drug addicts who are attempting to get clean. Synergy is standing up for what they believe is right. These substances are extremely addictive themselves and keeps the victims hooked and paying money indefinitely to various enterprises. The amount of damage done to people that have destroyed their lives already cannot be overstated and this opioid replacement keeps them locked into this cycle. These money hungry people at PBH have been taken over by a rabid methadone drug pusher and will no doubt be responsible for the deaths of addicts that cannot get into another detox in this area due to availability of beds because they won't be covered at Synergy any longer. Before you write off drug addicts as deserving of what they get, it could be your son or daughter, husband or wife.in this mess. Getting them hooked on something far more painful to kick than what they've been doing is unethical, criminal, and downright evil.

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