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HELP stop 4 proposed roundabouts on 601 in Yadkinville!!!!


Posted 3:06 pm, 09/08/2018

I was in Wilkes yesterday and came upon the roundabout @ hiway 421/brushy mtn road.The was a driver driving around and around up on the elevated section.A guy stopped him and pointed him in the direction of hiway 421 south or east whichever you call it toward Yadkinville.In all fairness to the driver of said car,he was driving a Toyota Prius.


Posted 2:01 pm, 09/05/2018

dog~Normal is a setting on a washing machine. These roundabouts are going to happen. The Mayor

over there is happy about this change. Now, if you know the Mayor, then you know that it will happen.

Let us know how the weather is this winter back up North.


Posted 6:55 pm, 09/04/2018

dog~yes Wiseman's needs a roundabout. And you should check your map on the way back up North

cause East Bend is not at Wiseman's. But Bless Your Heart......We love you anyway!


Posted 4:33 pm, 09/04/2018

I removed several more posts that were off topic and/or trolling. Please restrict personal fights to Private Messages so that the threads can stay on topic.


Posted 9:44 am, 09/04/2018

Robeson...i hope they do put a roundabout at that intersection...wiseman's crossroads has had a bunch or wrecks to to mention close calls

if the state would put them all round dogs house he's starve to death since he doesn't know how to drive through them and then no one would ***** about growth in yadkin county


Posted 5:43 pm, 08/30/2018

dog..I didn't just make that up. It was in the plans. Since you seem to know everything about roundabouts,

I just thought you might know. Sorry to ruffle your dog feathers.


Posted 2:37 pm, 08/30/2018

Leave if you don't like it because it will happen and I think i hear the north calling their idiot back home.

BYE turd


Posted 2:36 pm, 08/30/2018

And the final point... if circles are indeed the perfect solution, why are they only building them in places with tiny populations? From 2012, 95% of traffic circles in NC are being built in places with populations of 5,000 or less.

that makes absolutely no sense. waste the money on places with the fewest people? oh wait, those places are full of people who are lazy, don't care, and are just dumb enough to not care, so it's easy to pass the measures and spend the millions of tax dollars, and justify my cushy NCDOT job...

if any places need them everywhere, it's larger cities. oh wait, the people who work for NCDOT who actually live in larger cities... don't build them where they live... just where you and I live.


Posted 2:18 pm, 08/30/2018

More proof that these FOUR (not 5, as some must have had their pants down while counting) traffic circles are completely stupid:

According to NCDOT, Mr. Ledbetter (who is the one responsible for this fiasco) has said that the ONLY reason for 2 of these circles is just to allow people to make U-turns because they will be barricading the entire median from 421 to Lee St. Building circles just to make U-turns, because you put up a big wall... wtf kind of reason is that to build circles????

Mr. Ledbetter says "we are proposing to construct roundabouts at the three intersections north of 421 at the northbound on and off ramps where Pine Street ties in and at Maple Street and Lee Street, which would give people opportunity to make a U-turn."

Hey Mr. Ledbetter.... JUST RESTRICT LEFT-TURNS DURING RUSH HOUR and 100% of the problems will be solved. NO more crashes. NO more logjams. And what do you know... revenue for Yadkinville from traffic tickets for the idiots trying to turn left.

Maybe some of you need a visual of this asinine project, so here's a plan from DOT for this wasteful-spending masterpiece: https://www.ncdot.go...dy_phm.pdf


Posted 2:05 pm, 08/30/2018

MOVE BACK HOME and allow us to develop our town and county as we see fit



Posted 11:27 am, 08/30/2018

and robe, a couple of wrecks justifies the state/county spending millions on a traffic circle? if this is in East Bend, are you completely deranged? A population of 545 (2016 census) needs a traffic circle? are you all mentally retarded up there?????? MAYBE you should trade your cars in for big-wheels instead.

you people act like this is charlotte or raleigh with tens of thousands of vehicles going through those corridors weekly. quit wasting money and time. The population of barely 3,000 in yadkinville doesn't justify spending tens of millions, let alone the 545 poor twits who rode the short bus to school and can't drive.

as usual, a few stupid drivers drive up the taxes for the rest of us who can drive without having a mental breakdown.

And for the last time, all you TROLLS who support circles... go start your own thread. Or is common courtesy something you don't understand, which means you *did* ride the short bus. TROLLS need to CENSORED if they are not in line with a thread's purpose....


Posted 11:25 am, 08/30/2018

Note from GoNC: I removed a few posts that were off topic and/or trolling.


Posted 9:13 am, 08/29/2018

the no lefts and all right outs is one of the best things about this project


Posted 6:32 pm, 08/28/2018

Hog and Dog, you both failed to mention that in addition to the roundabouts, there will also be a median extending the whole length from Hwy 601 to Hwy 421


Posted 5:49 pm, 08/28/2018

U GO HOG...When is the roundabout for Wiseman Crossroads going to be put in ? Too many wrecks

there !


Posted 4:34 pm, 08/28/2018

yarddawg....i mean yadkindog...you are so simply minded person alive, well almost alive...i'll bet you WHEN the state puts the around-a-bouts in they WILL NOT be torn out and you can bet your life on it and i kinda wish you would bet it...

simply minded boys and girls don't like change but you'll have to deal with it and the state will help you learn how to drive through them and maybe you can get a map

do you wear a football helmet so you can't eat your crayons, i'm betting so...

and a stop sign or stop light has a STOP condition and a around-a-bout has yield condition so which would back up faster a yield or stop.....STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES


Posted 1:48 pm, 08/28/2018

people like hogrider are the ones who insist the world is still flat. ignorant close-minded under-educated fools who blindly believe everything their politicians/councilmen tell them.

These are the people who want traffic circles. Who, coincidentally, don't know how to turn left without having a brain hemorrhage.

"...nothing backs up traffic better than a stoplight or a stop sign..." well this is one of the dumbest statements I've ever seen on the internet. never mind a century of data and use cases citing the reason they exist is to improve traffic flow....

".theses things being put in WILL improve traffic flow for the people that come to visit Yadkinville, coming off 421 from bigger towns and cities so they might want to come back and spend money which will help the business owners in the area.." again, another really stupid justification, that these traffic circles will be able to convince anyone to stop along 421. "Hey, let's go to Yadkinville... they have FOUR traffic circles!!! Oh Boy!!!" Besides the fact our hillbilly ignores that all the businesses are AGAINST the circles because it will PREVENT traffic from easily entering their lots. People are lazy, so who believes they will drive 1/2 mile or more past their destination, going around 2 circles (literally) just to get to where they could have turned into before the circles and median blocked them???

"Only closed minded people will not accept this as a good thing." My opinion is that only total morons blindly accept what the state and local governments tell them is a good thing without questioning it. And fools don't bother to scientifically analyze the facts and practical application as well.

If hogrider's position is correct, then all intersections would be easily converted to circles and all traffic problems will go away. and that one in Jonesville? I went to it during rush hour, and there were never more than 3 in the circle at once. And it's a TWO LANE road, versus a FOUR LANE road in yadkinville with 10 times the traffic. I guess if you can't count past TWO, hogrider, then one can see why you think circles are a good thing.

"You need to get out and travel more and see other places and expand your mind a little but even if you don't they will be built and either except it or move away" Spoken like a true alt-right white supremacist... "either accept it, or get out of town". Before moving here just 5 years ago, to get away from all that mind expansion, I lived in the cities of New York, Chicago, Miami, and San Diego. So you know what you can do with your "superior country attitude". And if you don't... I've got a great New York response I can post here...

If anyone needs to expand their mind and get an education, it's you. And what is built, can be un-built. These circles will eventually get torn down, or those businesses that drive the local economy will SHUT DOWN and MOVE ELSEWHERE (hopefully still in town). But then again, that's what your town council wants. Someone on that council has in interest in all the un-developed land along 601 and Lee Avenue, and will cash in once businesses move away from those completely ignorant circles.

This post was originally for people who supported NO traffic circles.
Hogrider, you are a TROLL and if you can't contribute to the purpose of a thread either create your own or get out of town yourself.


Posted 12:56 pm, 08/21/2018

accidents aren't the whole reason they are being put in....nothing backs up traffic better than a stoplight or a stop sign....theses things being put in WILL improve traffic flow for the people that come to visit Yadkinville, coming off 421 from bigger towns and cities so they might want to come back and spend money which will help the business owners in the area..

Only closed minded people will not accept this as a good thing.

You need to get out and travel more and see other places and expand your mind a little but even if you don't they will be built and either except it or move away


Posted 9:46 am, 08/21/2018

So you think putting one at Stratford Road and Hanes Mall Blvd is also a good idea?
By your logic, all traffic lights in the United States should be replaced by traffic circles.

(That's purely stupid, but makes sense considering the source.)

And the town commissioners - everyone knows this - do not care about yadkinville or it's economic growth. They never have. Just a bunch of rich people doing whatever they can to preserve their wealth and self-serve. And also to hire as many family/relatives that they can into local government.

THAT'S why the circles all went in without any murmur.

and BTW, I drive that section of road many times daily. There are very few major accidents on that road. EVER. Public record actually shows the following (and ONLY the following for that stretch of road):
Feb 14, 2018 there was one accident.
Mar 6, 2016, there was another but it was technically not on the section of road in question.
Nov 14th, 2013 :: 11:31 a.m. EST, US 421 SB on ramp @ Hwy 601 toward Winston-Salem closed 2hrs due to accident.

So 3 accidents in FIVE YEARS justifies any of this? Only to stupid white trash willing to fold and bend (over) to the town commissioners.


Posted 3:10 pm, 08/09/2018

yadkindogs....bless your simple minded ways and get used to the idea of traffic circles taking the place of traffic signals

the traffic circle in jonesville does exactly what it was put in for and that was to help with traffic flow in and out of PVH and prevent traffic backup at the light.

pretty sure the reason for the circles in yadkinville wasn't because of speeding like simple minds like to think but from accidents happening at these intersections. you need to go talk to your local government and ask to see all the records involving this project....none of them voted against them and all where for it.

there will be 5 not 4 not 3 not 2 not even 1 but 5 before it's all over with....get used to it

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