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Foreigner crapholes


Posted 6:16 pm, 10/13/2019

The results of your delusional beliefs liberals .


Posted 4:58 pm, 10/13/2019

No borders no country. Why don't y'all enlightened socialists move to a country with your ideology? Say Venezuela. Perhaps a tolerant islamic society! I'm sure you might be alive for a week before you're beheaded .


Posted 6:23 pm, 10/12/2019

Sorry to burst your bubble, but many of us so-called "liberals" are able to see past nationalities and religious labels to accept people of ALL nationalities as equal human beings. It seems the "conservatives" are either unwilling or unable to do likewise.


Posted 6:25 pm, 09/13/2019

Due to lack of education (especially history), and being hate-filled due to God-knows-what, the socialists on here are exactly what to expect. Name calling (racist, bigot, etc) tells me these sad people are between 8 and 11 years old.


Posted 9:49 pm, 09/04/2019

Every liberal calls a conservative a bigot or racist. It's the only response any of y'all can come with as you're all too ignorant to know this country is under attack. Again, islam is not a race, it is a political system of murder. Any race can become a scum muslim or an ic liberal.


Posted 9:15 pm, 09/04/2019

I notice all your links are from uber reich wing propaganda publications, thank God many of us aren't as bigoted


Posted 8:23 pm, 07/25/2019


Posted 1:23 pm, 07/25/2019


Posted 11:59 am, 07/16/2019

Omar: liar, tax cheat, immigration fraud, supports terrorists, hates America, racist, islamic savage

Tlaib: liar, hates America, supports terrorists, racist, islamic savage

Pressley: liar, racist, college dropout, hates America, fraud, selfish idle

AOC: liar, hates America, campaign finance lawbreaker, selfish fraud


Posted 10:40 am, 07/16/2019


Posted 4:52 pm, 07/15/2019

Explain how muslim is a race and we'll talk.


Posted 4:36 pm, 07/15/2019

pat...seems UR a little racist..


Posted 1:46 pm, 07/15/2019

President Trump is exactly right telling the haters of the people of the United States to go back home and fix their mess instead of telling us how we must live. The muslims especially should shut their mouths because they don't know how to act in the first place.

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