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State Street Steakhouse/Prime Sirloin Closed


Posted 10:19 am, 11/04/2012

so is the sheetz coming for real?????

fiesta pantalones

Posted 12:05 pm, 10/20/2012

I know. This was about 9 years ago when he still owned it.


Posted 10:22 pm, 10/18/2012

jc faw sold the shell

fiesta pantalones

Posted 7:11 pm, 10/12/2012

smalltown -

He has several times. He is a piece of garbage along the lines of Linney Roberts. I had to file a mechanics lein on his property in Mocksville to get him to pay a $16,000 bill and even then he only paid $14,000 which the owner of the company I was working for acceped. Heck even Carl Rose will not work for him since screwing them over with the paving at his car lots in Willkesboro.


Posted 6:11 pm, 10/12/2012

Didn't J C declare bankruptcy?

george h w b

Posted 8:06 am, 10/12/2012

Oogie (view profile)

Posted 9:01 am, 09/26/2012

That lot doesn't look like it is big enough for what the are going to do. Sure will give those other two gas stations/convenience stores a run fer their money. I believe Wilkes Cty's J.C. Faw owns the Shell and the property behind the station. Oh well, progress. Maybe there will be a few jobs created for the people of the county.


Posted 3:00 pm, 09/27/2012

He had a great idea of the county buying the old post office and using it as a satellite Yvedii senior center.


Posted 2:57 pm, 09/27/2012

That's funny oogie. At least has will come done Tommy says that the price is based on the quantity and delivery system. He said with their own fleet it lowers their overhead. I quit selling gas when they EPA got strict on ground water pollution. I was only making 3-5 cents per gallon. When Tommy started looking at commercial locations when he was on the board he knew that brooks would be a great location for little target and that's why he had water run the way it was. Now we have jobs on empty useless lot.


Posted 11:54 am, 09/27/2012

I prefer the Y with no gas.


Posted 11:28 am, 09/27/2012

The new Sheetz motto will be "Eat here, get gas".

Walks the Talk

Posted 12:40 am, 09/27/2012

Tommy Garner is not a Commissioner.
Yadkinville Town should know the scoop.


Posted 2:39 pm, 09/26/2012

They will be here. Break ground 10/22/12 . One of the Commissioners Tommy Garner.


Posted 9:16 am, 09/26/2012

I'll answer myself, the leases are recorded in the register of deeds office with the first being in june of 2012. This proves sheetz people are liars. I doubt I ever spend a dime there with liars.


Posted 9:10 am, 09/26/2012

Its mighty funny that when contacted by some here sheetz flat out lied to them. Has anyone determined if sheetz has purchased the land or is leasing it?


Posted 9:01 am, 09/26/2012

rural militia

Posted 8:06 am, 09/19/2012

As far as square footage of the building you may be right. They would likely have to put some work into it, but the location is good, plenty of parking and I would think the area would be well served by a GC. My kids love to go to GC but the closest one is Hanes Mall. The selection of places to eat in Yadkinville is pretty boring especially after living here for 30 years. Then again, with the way the town and the county operate, the building will just sit there and rot.


Posted 5:23 pm, 09/18/2012

Isn't the steakhouse too small for a Golden Corral?

rural militia

Posted 8:57 am, 09/18/2012

I actually liked this place. Y-ville had nothing else like it and probably never will. It would be nice if a Golden Corral would move in. Perfect location and I think it would do well there.

Walks the Talk

Posted 1:40 am, 09/16/2012

Go down to the topic "Sheetz".


Posted 11:27 pm, 09/15/2012

Makes me sad...what happened?

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