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Dewey Andrew Lane


Posted 9:43 am, 10/31/2014


Did the piece of tr-a-sh who filed the charges not show up for court again? This is what happened for the previous attempts to settle the issue.

Two wrongs don't make a right, there is enough blame to go around and around at the expense of the taxpayers like us.

Tra-sh will associate with tra-sh period.


Posted 9:14 am, 10/31/2014

Hes too stupid to disappear. I'm betting the da has been offering deals and dumb dumb is too stupid to take one.


Posted 12:53 am, 10/31/2014

Another waste of tax payer money, having postponement after postponement.

Walks the Talk

Posted 3:03 am, 10/30/2014

Court date now is January 2015 Anyone know how many times can a trial be continued?


Posted 10:56 am, 09/16/2014

Yeah, just ask Darryl Hunt's wife!


Posted 1:18 am, 09/15/2014

"Sand brain". Good one, underdog. I could not help but to laugh.
So, seasidejohn, if a woman has a car, goes to work, and sleeps in same bed as her mate, then there is no way her mate would ever hurt her. Are you for real? And you were "told" things, which, apparently you believe.
Incredible. Your August 15 post didn't make much sense, either.


Posted 6:04 pm, 09/14/2014

Sand brain no one here is accusing your buddy of anything. The da and detectives are accusing him.


Posted 10:51 pm, 09/13/2014

it doesn't matter ,but how do u mam know he did all that ,You believe 1/2 of what Tammy saids and the other half you just laugh at .I am not saying he didn't do some of the things you people are accusing him of. But she had a car ,went to work every day and still laid in the same bed with him every night .Makes you wonder how much he really did to her .And why is she so upset when she drives past his house and see;s a women there with him ,[they were standing outside ]or that is what I was told .Seem's strange ,Don't you know

Nature 7

Posted 3:08 am, 09/12/2014

What does it matter to anyone where this woman goes?
The one you need to keep tabs on is the one who has 9 felonies against him.
How warped.


Posted 7:52 pm, 09/11/2014

Thank you for the update.


Posted 7:19 pm, 09/11/2014

well all in all, the same old same .Andy Andy .Well for some one who is making excuses about going to court because she is afraid or moving or any other excuse ,She is making a trip around the states .I know its none of my business but Shes been to Las Vegas and took a nascar trip around the track and then to,California, the Grand Canyon, Texas, .No sure where else she is going or has been ,But it seems that this scared little lady [lol] [TAMMY] Where her little sister has to protect her from all East Bend and Yadkin County .While I am sure her 2 BOYS are running around like monkeys on dope.Or we can drop monkeys. .Wonder how much money mommy gave them to be good boys ..Well as it stands its been almost 1 year since this thing that Andy did this bad thing to her ..lol Well gang thought I WOULD KEEP YOU UP on the new news ,I was totally shocked ...lol go ahead and put me in my place for spelling or its none of my business ,Don't Care hey she also took a friend ,,wonder if its male or female U do know she goes either way ...I know I was the other trust me I am not a male .


Posted 7:00 pm, 09/11/2014

wow whats up now

Nature 7

Posted 1:25 am, 08/24/2014

I've reviewed the thread, and did remove a few portions of posts for libel and/or personal attacks.

2. She is responsible for her own statements (which means that you have the right to consider a civil lawsuit against her for libel).

(via goyadkin exerts)

NORMA RAE, you may want to do some research on names and screen names to make real sure you have it correctly. Also, this thread is about Dewey Lane. Read the rules.

Nature 7

Posted 1:14 am, 08/24/2014

oh, Norma, get off your high horse. "Get help".. You don't know anything. So why are you obsessed with me and some others? And underdog has a good question for you.


Posted 11:20 pm, 08/23/2014

how can they keep doing this I thought every one was due a speedy trial.. Who got it moved this time .guess we will have to wait till then to have Nelissa to threaten to get us all again lol good night peeps


Posted 9:16 pm, 08/23/2014

Norma who's horsie do you play with?

Norma Rae

Posted 6:58 pm, 08/23/2014

Oogie/Walks/Nature, I was referring to you Diane. Admit it, you're obsessed with this man. Supposedly he did shoddy work for you and in your twisted little brain you're determined to exact revenge. Now, go play with your horsies.

Nature 7

Posted 4:17 pm, 08/23/2014

Norma, Who are you referring to?
And don't worry about it, dear. You don't have to read it. Move along, honey.

Norma Rae

Posted 3:51 pm, 08/23/2014

/Walks?nature, you're obsessed with this aren't you? Please get help.


Posted 1:30 am, 08/23/2014

Court moved to week of October 27.

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