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Dewey Andrew Lane


Posted 8:47 am, 05/14/2015

Our boy is on the court calendar for June 1.

Walks the Talk

Posted 7:37 pm, 03/30/2015

I lost count on the number of continues this makes.
Yadkin county. Where the court cons help the outisde cons.

Walks the Talk

Posted 7:36 pm, 03/30/2015

Postponed until June 1st.


Posted 6:16 pm, 02/18/2015

They were dropped for Mike Cain.

white american

Posted 12:00 pm, 02/18/2015

They were dropped for Mike Cain.

walks the talk

Posted 1:27 am, 02/18/2015

Can felonies be dropped?


Posted 9:28 am, 02/17/2015

It will continue until the L-o-c-o ****-e who filed the charges either shows up for court or the charges are dismissed due to her not showing.

This case is nothing but a waste of taxpayer money for no reason.

He may be a S-c-u-m B-a-g, but she is little better.

Same level, deserve each other.

walks the talk

Posted 12:39 am, 02/17/2015

worldiscrazy, good question. A year and half is a long time.


Posted 7:46 am, 02/15/2015

first time I have commented on this, however I have been reading it all. I have a question....just how long is this gonna b drawn out and why ??????

Walks the Talk

Posted 8:21 pm, 01/30/2015

Case is postponed again, March 23.


Posted 12:11 pm, 11/19/2014

Mommy let me assure you its going to take more than a few spelling lessons for sea johnny.


Posted 9:11 am, 11/19/2014

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that while it is true that we all have both "options" and "opinions", those words are not interchangeable in conversation......carry on...


Posted 12:58 am, 11/19/2014

nature thing you are so funny ,why you calling me a child everything I said was the truth hurts does it not. nature 7 u seem awful protective over umm of yes HERE COMES UNDERDOG 2 .Did you or underdog 2 eat underdog 1 ,?????

Nature 7

Posted 9:47 pm, 11/18/2014

sidejohn, I hope you had a happy 6th birthday! Did they have a little party for you in your kindergarten class?
(Now do your homework instead of talking about women's breasts, child!)


Posted 1:44 pm, 11/16/2014

HEY UNDERDOG2 it sounds like you have a crush on NATURE 7 No matter what anyone saids about anything she comes or is it a he ,The statement was made that you just want a women like Ta-m-y or maybe yet a man like Andy .. who knows but he /she agrees with with every thing you say .And as far as I am concerned ..we know you read my last message and it must of hit a nerve


Posted 9:28 pm, 11/10/2014

Underdog2, You aren't missing anything. Who the h--- cares about someone traveling and having a boob job? Neither are illegal. And what kind of freak would keep tabs on someone's facebook page, and then talk about it on here? Who cares if T's husband is an ex, now? And ole John keeps saying he was told/ That's second hand crap. And then if anyone posts back, ole John gets all shook up.


Posted 8:43 pm, 11/10/2014

I didn't even bother to read John's story. If I get bored I may go back and read all that.


Posted 7:25 pm, 11/10/2014

Think dog just wants a woman like that......


Posted 7:04 pm, 11/10/2014

Well , Well Mr. Underdog 2 ,I knew you would have an option. You have an option about everything and a lot options about nothing at all.Well You must have an interesting life sitting at the court house with all the old people That's your monthly excitement and is that where you get all your FACTS. As all the other people in Yadkin County, or my mistake the world, are just stupid .Right ?What I was talking about was fact, Simply this lane man has to pay Mr. Reavis whether he is there or not .Now what person with half a brain would keep postponing the court date, Excluding you .or do you have a whole brain?? You say that I was just telling second and third handed stuff ,and that is isn't fact .Now what part isn't fact that lane is not the one postponing or that Tamra is trying to get out of what she said about her not remembering anything she said to the detectives ..Fact ,The last 4 postponements was Tamra, Not Lane, ,She sends a message to the DA that there is some reason she can't get there ,or she is out of town and can't get there due to a FAMILY problem. Fact ,If you can get on her new face book page she is traveling all around the place .Fact, Boob job.As you say Mr Underdog 2 ,I read some of your stuff and its so stupid.,Lane is now on trail for 2 or 3 counts by Tamra if they are even charges,,He made her keep the house spotless I do that and I am not charged by the DA. Have the meals on the table when he gets home from work , not a charge,,.,and last but not least 'Having Sex when ever he wanted it..I don't know this person to well just what I have read on here mostly from the smartest man in the world .I wonder are you 1 of those old men who go to Hardees and sit till court starts and then waddle up there .. Bet you are ..Well let me double check my spelling and make sure I didn't say any thing that wasn't true. Well I looked but this redneck could have missed a few words , but if I didn't oh what would you day to me .or is Nature 7 going to take this whole post off .Mr Underdog 2 what happened to Underdog 1? Well God Bless ,You need to really know your facts Mr Underdog ..ok well ok then


Posted 1:36 pm, 11/10/2014

You are only telling us second hand and third hand information not facts.

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