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Dewey Andrew Lane


Posted 12:16 am, 07/19/2014

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BOYLES,M SFF 59280 08/19/2014 YADKIN AM 0001
BOYLES,M SFF 59280 08/19/2014 YADKIN AM 0001
BOYLES,M SFF 59280 08/19/2014 YADKIN AM 0001
BOYLES,M SFF 59280 08/19/2014 YADKIN AM 0001
DEWITT,G SFF 51103 08/19/2014 YADKIN AM 0001
DEWITT,G SFF 51103 08/19/2014 YADKIN AM 0001
DEWITT,G SFF 51103 08/19/2014 YADKIN AM 0001
DEWITT,G SFF 51103 08/19/2014 YADKIN AM 0001
DEWITT,G SFF 51103 08/19/2014 YADKIN AM 0001


Posted 10:30 pm, 07/18/2014

As many times as one of his blind loyal followers has posted how much he loves "h***', ole Andy will be begging or demanding for a sweetie in the pokey.


Posted 7:17 am, 07/18/2014

Anyone with 9 felony charges will delay as long as he can. He knows he will wind up as someones ***** as soon as he gets in prison.


Posted 3:59 pm, 07/16/2014

how ,who postponed it this time

Walks the Talk

Posted 2:05 pm, 07/16/2014

Continued. August. Superior Court.
Beware. He is still among us.


Posted 12:59 pm, 07/16/2014

Yea, come on. The suspense is killing us on here. (Just kidding.....I don't really care....I'm just being facetious)

Busted Flush

Posted 12:39 pm, 07/16/2014

Oogie (view profile)

Posted 2:29 pm, 07/14/2014

Our hero is on the criminal court calendar for tomorrow in Yadkinville.

What happened?


Posted 2:29 pm, 07/14/2014

Our hero is on the criminal court calendar for tomorrow in Yadkinville.


Posted 10:28 pm, 07/11/2014

That's a good one/Long walk on a short bridge. It's now just laughable at the way these Lane's humiliate themselves on this site. And I agree / Psychos. It dies down on here, and son of a gun if they don't start it right back up. They are worse than the White's in WV.


Posted 11:15 am, 07/11/2014

No class, it would do nothing to take a long walk on a short bridge. A bridge has two ends.

Do you know who your daddy is?


Posted 9:11 am, 07/11/2014

Advocate... are you the one that was once andys bestfriend? Please dont act like you give a **** abt his mom or you would have spent your time on here defending instead of bashing. Psycho... no honey thats you people. The ones that state they want a man to go to jail, not bc of the crimes hes facing, but bc they feel he cheated ppl out of wk. Thats psycho. Im a crazy ***** when you screw with my family or friends... get it right!


Posted 9:05 am, 07/11/2014

Ive been on this thread like twice in the last 2 months only to see you ppl bashing april. This thread needs to be dead along with the idiots that have nothing better to do than to trash a man and his family and anyone who may defend them. You people are the ones crazy and sick, that have to post with excitement if you think any new info has come out like if hes going to loose the house or following every court date. Thats crazy, pathetic, sick in the head, and disgusting. I hope each of you that live in glass houses be sure to board them up with the stones you throw. Just remember God sees and hears everything and has a funny way of making ppl understand situations or what others are going through. Call me any name in the book, last time I checked it wasnt affecting me or my life, but every one of you sick, demented, inconsiderate, gossipers need to keep your mouths shut abt andy, his family, his work, his finances, his life, or anything else abt him! Leave april alone, shes defending her father, theres nothing wrong with her standing by her innocent father defending his name when you ppl are dragging it through the mud. So plz all of you go take a long walk off a short bridge!

Walks the Talk

Posted 2:27 pm, 07/08/2014

mommotwo, lol. Me, too!
There is no way to converse with the 2 Psychos (Advocate is correct) , so I do hope THEY let this die.
Court is next week. MAYBE they will shut up then.


Posted 12:42 pm, 07/08/2014

I'm just trying to figure out who the trolls are, lol.....


Posted 10:01 am, 07/08/2014


Class is Psycho and has not a clue how to shut up her big mouth.

Yes, this thread would be dead if not for her and her Psycho friend April.

Please let it die, April's Grandmother has been dragged through enough on this thread, her Grandmother appears to be ok, it is just her descendants who are off base with bricks missing from their stacks..

fiesta pantalones

Posted 9:07 am, 07/08/2014


You two need to understand that this whole forum is almost dead. You two are keeping it on life support. It has been almost a week with nothing on this thread and now it is all going to get started up again. Let it die a natural death and don't feed the trolls. You're just encouraging them.


Posted 8:15 am, 07/08/2014

Omg, are you ppl serious? Nature 7, no offense to.april but andy doesnt have to rape or force someone to do something sexual. For some reason, he has had women lined up since ive known him. If one doesnt the next will. Yes, he has a temper... so do I, I just beat a *****es head in for kicking at my dog last week. She had to call an ambulance and my right hand is in a soft cast from how hard I attacked her. Doesnt mean ill go rape someone. And before all the mouths start running no I dont have charges, it was on my property and she was the cause. Back to my point, we all have tempers... its how and when.we express them. ANDYS TEMPER IS HIS MOUTH, not much else, bc like I said before I went up against him on several occasions and never once did he lay a hand on me. So for all of you who do not know what you are talking abt other than what you read in the paper or hear say, please shut the f*** up. April and amber have enough to deal with without you low life, jealous, inconsiderate, gossiping pieces of s***! A drunk, a liar that refuses to provide facts when asked, hypocrits, and a lot of know it alls that dont know andy, his family nor what happened that night, nor know a **** thing abt how the legal system works. You ppl are pathetic, u have nothing better to do other than.sit on a computer and trash a family that you wouldnt know if you passed them on the street, throw insults bk and forth but put down april when she does bc shes his daughter! You ppl need to.get a life, worry more on how God judges you and less on how God judges andy or those defending andy! Maybe if any of you had a heart, you might have family, a dog, some kind of life other than.a computer. Go outside, its pretty, take a walk, meet someone new, but leave this family the **** alone.


Posted 2:40 pm, 07/02/2014

Yea I thought about that but the house was very old and has no insulation or how ever and so I jumped on a place that opened up right when I needed it to. Gta do what ya gta do. More private and more space too I can't complain to much.


Posted 2:17 pm, 07/02/2014

Hey doll, all you had to do was buy the oil and deduct it from the next months rent.


Posted 1:51 pm, 07/02/2014

I moved bc oil was included in the rent. The week it was 4 degrees outside he refused to get oil so I had no heat. So of course I'm going to get my kids out of that. Anything else y'all wana tell me about myself??

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