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Dewey Andrew Lane

Walks the Talk

Posted 1:34 am, 04/25/2014

class101 posted, in part:
"...... I really dont know if either april or amber has actually been on this page. But if they have, its not fair to them to have to see this stuff on here. But all of you seem to want this man put away bc he screwed up on your roof, or whatever. Its sick. ...."

So you read back far enough on this thread to read that there is a judgment against con artist lane regarding a roof and damage to home... But you are NOT going to stand up for that innocent elder?
You also read back far enough to see that idiot april posted many, many times. So quit your lying about not knowing this.
If april and amber are reading these posts, that is their choice.
And lastly, I don't think anyone on here is impressed with your so-called education, or how long you were in labor, or how much you have endured, your daddy's body bag, your meds, and on and on. Very boring.
So we are on this site because we have nothing better to do, you say? But you are on here, too, and you use a screen name, also. So how are you better? It's just the same old repetitive crap from you.


Posted 12:32 am, 04/25/2014

Sorry dog, i left out a part and before im accused of lying... I went to the hosp on mon sept 22nd, 2008. My water broke tues sept 23, 2008. By 145, my babygirl was born. So it doesnt confuse you. Now, im sleepy, so goodnight.


Posted 12:24 am, 04/25/2014

Advocate for truth... Not bragging, its the process of i defended andy, dog wanted to insult me, i listed my blessings in life. Everyone wanted to say no class or low class, so i listed my accomplishments. Ppl wanted to question me on defending andy, i explained in detail why incl personal exp, ppl wanted to guess and i cleared it up, ppl wanted to accuse me, i once again cleared it up. I have had alot happen in my life, alot im proud of, some im not. But just as i spoke of the good, i told the bad. I dont need to follow others, i did that when i hung out in a clique growing up and hurt a bunch of good ppl, which i turned around. No one can seem to explain their reasons for believing some crazy chick, but i can completely explain my reasons for defending andy. Ppl can put me dn, but its complete non sense. So yes, i will continue to defend andy as much as i really dont like him, and i will defend myself if/when need be. But once again, my mission was accomplished. You are all so focused on me that you are not trashing the family like before. I love haters, bc im doing something right. Now u keep defending ure buddy the dog, that sounds really special, believes he owns u and everyone else on this page, is demeaning and degrading to women, etc bc that speaks volumes for yourself. Everybody come up with more insults so that after my good night sleep, i can return to you all.


Posted 12:06 am, 04/25/2014

Dog, i have more health problems than u could imagine, and every step has been a struggle. I was blessed wih a healthy happy beautiful little girl that is more spoiled than i ever was... And i was a spoiled brat. I found out jan 22nd 2008 that i was pregnant, after having surgery may 07 for cervical cancer. I stayed on mandatory bed rest and almost lost her 3 x. Went in labor 2 times at 37 1/2 weeks, but they stopped my labor due to legally they can not dialate u until 38 weeks. And due to scar tissue from multiple surgeries. On that monday, my dr sent me to the hospital, my water broke at 9 am, they dialated me, i went quicker than expected, my labor started at 1130 am and by 145, my 7 1/2 lb babygirl... My miracle, my angel was born in natural labor. I ripped they had to sew me back up. The umbilical cord got wrapped around her neck during delivery. She was born sept 23rd 2008. 4 days before my birthday. It was on a tuesday. I wouldnt dare lie abt my miracle. Im watching her as she dances right now way past her bedtime. Shes the most beautiful smart, healthy little girl ever and im honored to be her mom. I wont attempt more kids, my body prob cant handle it anyways. But that my friend is every bit true.

My dogs are a handful, but i take care of them 100%. Just lost 2 of the 5 that are mine last yr. One due to old age, the other was attacked by coyote. May 8, and oct 10. We still have 3 that are ours. 2 girls, one boy. I rescue and foster and within tbe next yr, i will fully own my own rescue. Im debating on finishing my degree for a liscensed vet or remain as a vet tech.

I graduated high school in 2003, from the number 2 high school. I continued my education after graduating early, after falling behind due to health with a 4.0 gpa. I attended college, and studied several subjects. I am qualified in many areas. Like i said my paycheck prooves my education, not a drunken redneck. I happen to be out of wk this week bc i hurt my back with one of the dogs during training, so i cant be lifting. Just bc u didnt accomplish anything in life doesnt mean others didnt.

I dont have to lie abt who i am. I have friends and family, not just a computer and liqour. Whats the point of lying. Im proud of myself, and if u have been through what i have, u would be too. Not bragging abt women u can get. Its called being proud of who u are and where u came from, where ure going, and the ability to do anything with God by your side. U ppl dont mean **** to me... Ure backwoods redneck, judgemental, cold hearted scum bags with bitterness towards other ppl. I used to think i was better than others, i was a spoiled brat, then one day God knocked me off my feet, had me wake up to reality and showed me alot in life. Has put me through alot in life, but i realized i wasnt better than anyone until i read this page. I dont need any of u to like me, believe me or anything else, infact i really dont want u to, bc ure white trash. Im just letting u know, i use facts and personal exp when i talk, not just words out of my a**. Now, go ahead, more insults and how u dont believe me... I dont care. I wouldnt expect a low life drunk insecure little boy to understand accomplishments, miracles, sucess, happiness, standards, morals or class. Now crawl bk into ure bottle!


Posted 7:57 pm, 04/24/2014

Dogs not biting low class. No one with all the health problems you have claimed could have a child much less take on all the duties you just described. In other words you are blowing smoke up the dogs rectum.

Husband try and end it all?


Posted 7:53 pm, 04/24/2014

Watch this low class.

Uncle Paul by Cokelogic

Length: 1:22


Posted 7:44 pm, 04/24/2014


Quit bragging about yourself and how great and smart you are. The one wasting their breath on here is you.

You have better things to do than taking up for a bunch of trailer park trash. Your studies in psychology was a waste, for you have not a clue how to apply it in real life.

As I said before a Mego-Maniac, how great thou art.


Posted 7:12 pm, 04/24/2014

Now, dont get excited, im not gone for good. I have dinner to cook, a house to clean, dogs to feed, a daughter to help with homework (shes in preschool, btw), a husband to spend time with, clothes to wash, bath time and prayers with the little one. So it may not be tonight that i get bk to ure insults. It should give u all plenth of time to come up with some. But ill be back to answer them soon.

Oh yeah, dog... I also almost lost my husband to death in october, thankfully they saved him. Another blessing!


Posted 7:03 pm, 04/24/2014

Dog, thats sweet... U gonna attend my funeral? GODS not done with me yet, ive came through alot. Some backwoods bitter drunk redneck is not going to take me down. If ill stand up to andy, ill stand up to you. Ive seen what ive seen, faught what ive faught and im still going and will till the day he finally takes me. Ive been blessed in more ways than i can count, so im grateful for the lessons life has taught me. It taught me to do what was right, it taught me to be a good person and believe in ppl, and that i could get through anything. What has life taught u? Bitterness, hatred, harm... And at the end of the day being lonely.
Domestic violence is what the crime was!!! Assault is what action it was!!!!


Posted 6:50 pm, 04/24/2014

As i see it, this page is something for a bunch of ppl to get on that has nothing better to do, then to run their mouths wo using any common sense. It should be called we hate andy lane, bc he screwed us over. Anyone that doesnt agree with complete ignorance, is going to be insulted by a bunch of bitter a** ppl. Were all going to hide behind screen names and talk s***, bc were too scared for andy and his family to really know who we are. None of u know me anyways, but the only reason i havent posted my name is bc i was begged not to so that it didnt get back that i knew abt the situation. Bc the person that told me doesnt want it coming bk on them and doesnt want anything to do with andy. But this person knows, ill keep my name quiet for them but i wont keep my mouth shut. When she reads this, ill prob hear abt it bc anyone who knows me will be able to figure out who i am by what ive said. But im not going to stand by and watch as bitter *** ppl hurt others. I can take the insults, but im going to defend the innocent. Maybe hes not innocent of alot, but of this, he is. I despise defending andy, but i believe in standing up. I dont have to be liked, so i dont have to follow ignorance. But, since everyone is on me, i dont hide the truth. I dont have to be ashamed, bc im happy with who i am. Which alot of you need to learn! So what insults are next?


Posted 6:42 pm, 04/24/2014

You should go and buy a casket. Then learn the difference in domestic violence and assault. You have a great imagination.


Posted 6:31 pm, 04/24/2014

UNDERDOG... I was raped at 11, u ****! Not by my husband. The domestic case, was abt someone that beat the **** out of me. When i had to call the cops and they showed up and i told them what happened, they started adding charges like interefering with emergency communication bc this person took the phone out of my hand, property damage bc a few picture frames got busted and so on. They pinned several charges when the only thing this person did was beat tbe **** out of me. The state wanted to pin numerous bogus charges on him, and when i told them that i would not lie, they didnt want me to testify. So i stood up and yelled to the judge. Not all charges were dropped on this person, only the bogus added on charges and he plead guilty to domestic violence.
Next thing, my husband and i have been together straight since i was 16, im 29. We have been married and have a 5 yr old child together. Ive been with 2 ppl my entire life. So kiss my ***!

Next, i guess my observation was right, i hit a nerve! Except, i didnt say anything abt u drinking, so ure a drunk. Nice to know. The more i learn, u sound like such a winner!

Heres something for u to talk abt, i am on meds. I watched my father carried out in a body bag after being murdered right before my 21st birthday! That tends to drive someone crazy. But guess what, even being on meds for that, im still alot more sane than you. Im 29, remember that... Im also on meds for previous cancer, heart disease, and other health problems that ive faught since 13. Ive had more surgeries and procedures in a month than most in a lifetime. But i still wk, went to school, debating on returning for one last degree, have a happy marriage, a beautiful daughter that i was told i would never have, a wonderful family, a house and vehicles pd by my own hard wk, and my wonderful 4 legged children, rescue and foster and on my way to owning my own rescue completely. So plz keep hating on me, keep insulting me. Ive been through more in a week than most in a lifetime. U wont tear me down.

Now, maybe if you didnt demean women so much, ure wife wouldnt have left u. Doesnt make it right, but just some insight.


Posted 6:30 pm, 04/24/2014

I so wish this page had a "like" button!!!


Posted 6:05 pm, 04/24/2014

There is some lying going on here and low class you are the liar. You had your husband charged with rape and domestic violence and you wanted to change your mind but it was too late. So you put in a show in court and got the charges dismissed. Then you hook up with him and have a child 5 years ago. Have you been tested for being crazy.

Look you little slut , you dont have a clue who I bang, how much liquor I drink, or how intelligent I am. You are not too smart with all of your history.


Posted 6:05 pm, 04/24/2014

Mommotwo... Not sure the link, it wkuldnt let me open it up.


Posted 6:00 pm, 04/24/2014

Walk the talk... Sorry, im not spending the time writing in paragraphs to make it easy to read. Im using a phone with text apps that make it quick. I dont have all day to write like im at school. If u go bk to when i first wrote on here and read, everything i say is really understandable. Ive spelled it all out very clearly, there is nothing to decipher.

Now, i say leave the family alone bc there are post dogging and degrading not just andy but his entire family. I really dont know if either april or amber has actually been on this page. But if they have, its not fair to them to have to see this stuff on here. They are going through alot, and of course they love their daddy and are going to defend him. But then to see things wriiten abt themselves too, its not right. When i say leave this family alone, means dont talk abt the fact he must be a rapist bc he lies, cheats, does half *** work, bc who pays for what, or anything else. That doesnt make a man a rapist. Oh, well this girl said he did... Ive explained that twice. It is very common for women to lie and say a man raped them, but look at facts and use common sense. Is andy a good person, not really, but is he capable of rape... No! This shouldnt even be on here, bc just like i said when i went through my domestic case, lies get spread. At the most ppl should say... If he did it, hope he goes to jail, if not hope hes set free. But all of you seem to want this man put away bc he screwed up on your roof, or whatever. Its sick. U say you support the innocent, well support the innocent of the crime charged, not what screwed up jobs the man did. Ill put my life on his innocense of these charges. Thats why im standing up for him, not bc i like him, bc i dont. I hate defending him, but i be ****ed if im going to sit back and let ppl accuse anyone of rape when they didnt do it!


Posted 5:41 pm, 04/24/2014

Dog, please grow up. I already made that clear. Andy lane is old enough to be my dad, thats sick! I know way more info than i ever want to know abt that man. Not bc i was ever with him. Im faithful to my husband. Now its obvious dog, that u were bullied in school and that your maturity level never grew past age 5. You are not very smart, bc your replies are worse than a childs. Its clear that in the real world, you are not liked very much, so you have to boast yourself and act like your a ladies man, ure big and bad, etc. When really deep inside u are a sad lonely little boy. Unfortunately, im guessing that if u had a woman, she left you for andy. Trully, im sorry. A woman that cheats is a disgrace. But, i think its time you see someone about your obsession. You cant let things go. This site makes you feel special, i understand that. For some reason, u have a few followers, which im guessing are relatives, bc anyone else who follows someone who demeans and degrades women such as your profile, they couldnt possibly be in their right mind. So, enjoy hiding behind a screen name, making insults and acting worse than my 5 yr old, and then when you get off the computer cry yourself to sleep bc in reality only are you special on a site that is abt a man with felony charges. But please, whe talking to me... TRY to act atleast half your age.


Posted 2:50 pm, 04/24/2014

How much better was lane in bed than your husband low class?


Posted 1:36 pm, 04/24/2014

Walks the Talk

Posted 1:04 pm, 04/24/2014

NoClass, you keep saying to leave this family alone. Who is bothering the family? Are posters on here harassing the family in any way? Don't think so. If they wish to come on this site and read this thread, so be it. But you are NOT in control of GoYadkin. I despise the con artist, and truly hope he gets years in prison. Too bad if you don't like it. I STAND up for the innocent.
Also, your posts are very difficult to decipher.

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