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West Yadkin Fire Department


Posted 10:50 pm, 01/08/2018

According to their website, they have a dual rating of grade 6 and 9. In areas where there are fire hydrants from the city/county water supply they have a 6. In more remote areas it is a 9. Having water, I believe is a big part of this. Makes sense since most big cities and even smaller towns with good water supply and other resources/utilities have much better grades. Part of being in a rural area is not necessary having the services or amenities that would be expected in a municipality. I doubt they can help the matter that there is not county wide water and additionaly from what I have gathered is that some YC fire stations have this 9 grade entirety rather than a dual one. So for this department to be in a completely rural area, I'd say they are pretty decent to have a 6 and 9.

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Posted 3:52 pm, 01/05/2018

Well several years ago a young man Josh Baity ran for county commissioner and one of his concerns was getting the county fire departments audited. He had heard of accounts that the departments had with large amounts of money in the accounts. Guess you can figure the out come of that. He resigned his position in June of 2003. Josh Baity was actually forced to resign his Commissioner seat out of fear for himself and the safety of his family. I'm not saying this concern about the fire departments was the cause of his resigning but I'm sure it played a part as well as many other concerns he had about how the county was handling things.And you don't rock the boat in Yadkin County of the good ole boy system.


Posted 5:25 am, 01/05/2018

O I have read this interesting book and it appears to me that most of the departments in Yadkin county have all this stuff and are doing most of what needs to be done but yet most have nearly the worst rating a Fire Dept can have in the state a 9 s is nearly a 10


Posted 4:24 pm, 01/02/2018

You might want the check on what makes up the fire insurance ratings. How the Department spends its money is not one of the criteria. The shiny trucks and other "toys" do have an impact. http://www.ncdoi.com/OSFM/R...ndouts.pdf


Posted 4:55 pm, 12/28/2017

I hear they like a lot of other depts are not doing what they are getting money to do and pretty much wasting it on shiny trucks and toys and if you look at insurance rating compared to Forsyth or other counties they and others are near the worst in the state 9s worst is a 10


Posted 5:13 pm, 12/27/2017

Pretty sure they put fires out and do a good job of it.

My Statement

Posted 12:01 pm, 12/26/2017

What is it you want to know about this department?


Posted 3:13 pm, 12/11/2017

Anybody know anything about this department?

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