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Threat to our republic


Posted 2:05 pm, 09/02/2022

Well, we heard yesterday that everyone who values liberty and personal rights is now an enemy of democracy. We dont live in a democracy as we are a constitutional republic with elections. Our representatives in all three branches are to follow the law, which is the constitution. Only nowadays not too many appear to know this as our kindergarten through college education system is run and taught by communist sympathizers who outright lie about history. There's an enemy here in the USA alright, it's the democratic party and republicans in name only that vote in this insanity we now see in every facet of life. We are in for a bad time I suspect. Keeping warm and cool not to mention being able to eat and have water to drink will be at the front of most folks minds when our enemy's plans come to pass as our energy production, food production, and supply chain screeches to a halt because of made up climate changing boul**** laws eliminating coal, gas, petroleum. I don't know how the ecocrazies will charge their electric cars without a diesel generator running the charger. What we see from DC is not incompetence but completely deliberate. The only truly brain dead one up there is the puppet that speaks in front of satanic coloring with soldiers in the backdrop.

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