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Scum politicians and bureaucrats


Posted 1:02 pm, 12/11/2022

Speaking of scum, Tillis also wants you and I to pay for the amnesty of millions of illegal aliens. He claims that will secure our border. He's a liar and a traitor.


Posted 1:09 pm, 12/10/2022

Executive branch of this nation is fully corrupt with a good recent example being the trade of an international arms dealer for a dude pretending to be a woman that can play basketball while leaving a Marine sitting in a foreign prison. What a laughing stock we have become.


Posted 6:58 am, 12/03/2022

Burr and Tillis certainly have earned the title of scum politicians for betraying us again with the protection of godless sodomites over Christian values. These two are even worse than scum on the left because they have pretended to be moral. RINO trash


Posted 9:46 am, 11/12/2022

Does anyone believe the gas and diesel prices will magically come down now after this farce of an election ? Dream on if you do. No matter who gets elected the brain dead puppet up there will still sign executive orders put in front of him written by traitors screwing us all for the foreseeable future. The real problem is these entrenched bureaucrats that remain in their positions no matter whom is elected making up rules that are treated as law. This must and will stop. A revolutionary war was fought here over less. I guess itll take your kids starving before we see a reaction out of many. This country is almost dead and some are preparing for the inevitable results of tyranny. Scum politicians and bureaucrats can burn in ****.

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