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Report Neighbors who leave dogs outside in BITTER COLD


Posted 11:28 pm, 02/28/2018

Falls, go ask ANY vet if it is good for dogs to leave them out without PROPER SHELTER, and HEATED water in temps at or below freezing. It's just plain ignorant to think otherwise.

If a dog is barking for no other reason that it is cold... it is telling you that it needs warmth and is also being smart enough to TELL you it is not warm enough. Wild animals are all quiet when it's freezing... they hunker down as you mention. So any barking dog is definitely in distress or anxious in the cold. Common sense.

Dogs are good enough to serve in the military, law enforcement, fire and rescue, and medical support. So that means it's OK to treat them like they are disposable? Provide a plastic shell with a large opening in it, and a frozen bowl of water??? wth

How un-civilized, and as they say on Modern Family... how Appalachian.


Posted 2:03 am, 01/13/2018

falls, all you want to do is argue.

I'm not giving you that satisfaction.

Go start a McDonald's thread, or whatever it is you are into.


Posted 12:13 pm, 01/11/2018

Me reporting you for child abuse for letting your kids eat at McDonald's makes as much sense as reporting dog owners for leaving their animals outside.


Posted 8:46 am, 01/11/2018

Seems to me a key factor here, is the confining of a dog to one spot, that is just wrong. I think a dog, deer, coyote or most any animal will find some means to survive the cold weather if given the chance. It's when humans come into the picture that things go wrong. Not all breeds are the same either so it's ridiculous to say "if it's too cold for you, it's too cold for your dog." What about hunting dogs that jump into cold water to get a bird? Somehow they survive. Let's see a human try that without having some means to get dry and warm quickly.

I remember a St Bernard once owned by a neighbor. I've seen that dog come outside of his house and sleep in the snow. He loved the cold and seemed to thrive in it.
I have a lab and he too loves cold weather, however extreme temperatures either hot or cold, will get him brought inside for a while. Before I get jumped on, let me say that during the recent cold snap, he was inside every night and periodically during the day. I do however believe had I left him outside, he would have been OK, because he has a deep, cushy pillow in our garage he could have slept on. He stays outside most of the time without being tied or otherwise restrained, and we have a large area for him to roam. He has been trained to stay in that area, and does so very well. He's a happy dog, we love him and he loves us.
Also have a couple of cats. Both are outside cats but one does like to come inside some and was inside those cold nights. The other is pretty wild and goes bezerk if you get her inside. There is an old tobacco barn near our house that she stays in, and somehow she survives.
Animals aren't stupid, sometimes I think they have more common sense that many humans.


Posted 3:53 am, 01/11/2018


Perhaps you could educate yourself a bit by just googling in: Dogs frozen to death.

If you would like to discuss McDonald's and kids, start another thread.


Posted 3:43 am, 01/11/2018

We are speaking of domesticated animals here.


Posted 8:49 am, 01/09/2018

I'm going to call DCS on you for letting your kids eat at McDonald's, go to school without proper cloths that cover their bodies with hats and coats and gloves in this cold weather. As a nation we allow humans to sleep out in the cold and wet because we don't want to have homeless shelters or pay for mental health institutions to house or treat these folks. Which is worse? Wolves, coyotes, deer, and many other animals are sleeping out in the weather, have you been watching the living below zero show, the sled dogs sleep out in sub zero weather every night, curl up in a ball and let the snow cover them up.


Posted 10:31 pm, 01/04/2018

This is a huge problem in Yadkin County. The county legislature does not care. The towns therein legislature does not care. The sheriff's dept does not care. The chief's do not care. The judges do not care. However, still call local law enforcement, and document what, where when. If there is no change for the animal(s) in that day, call PETA. Yes, PETA. Because the powers that be in this county are not going to do anything. It is low life selfish ignorant uncaring freaks who say that animals are fine in this bitter cold. I would love to chain these freaks, put out frozen water, a plastic barrel...and say,'You will be okay, you have hair'. (Which is exacyly what one officer recently said)


Posted 1:08 am, 12/28/2017

There are more than a few people who do NOT deserve their dogs.

It's BITTER cold. If you hear your neighbor's dog barking at regular intervals when it's BELOW FREEZING, it is not barking at another animal.

It's TRYING to get SOMEONE'S attention that it is FREEZING.

So please call the police and report the animal abuse/neglect/cruelty. Dogs are NOT supposed to be outside in these temperatures, unless you have an area covered against wind, that provides heat (not just straw... straw does not un-freeze water).

A dog that is in a dog house properly prepared against cold will not act like one freezing to death. I wish the furnaces of all people who leave their dogs out in this cold... go out for a week so they know what it feels like for their neglected dogs.

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