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Posted 2:49 pm, 12/25/2018

Which county was the fatal accident? I met Marty briefly a few times-- no problems.


Posted 2:30 am, 12/25/2018


Posted 4:26 pm, 12/16/2018

In what county did he die?


Posted 11:31 pm, 12/15/2018



Posted 8:12 pm, 11/04/2018

"Speak only good of the dead" is a sentimental way of advising the living to lie -- at least as regards the usual run of dead people.


Posted 2:34 pm, 10/31/2018

I did Akita rescue for approximately 10yrs for Ironpaw Akita Rescue. If you are familiar with rescue you know there is a lot of dogs, dog hair, dog slobber, dog transports, dog feeding, dog baths, dog evaluations, home checks, etc. I did all that, if you know dog rescue you know it’s a lifestyle, we lived it. Marty was right by my side doing all the work. When we made a dog transport who do you think loaded the large kennels in the van? When we transported to a new adopter who do you think drove to other states to deliver the dog? When I was in school, who do you think fed the dogs? When the dog blood, puke and poop was flying who do you think helped clean up? Marty was there for it all. Did it happily to help the dogs that no one wanted to help. Akita rescue is rare. Most Akitas don’t make it out of shelters because they are put to sleep and never offered for adoption because of their aggressive nature. Marty and I cared and housed a different akita every 3-6 months, which means we’ve had many many dogs go thru our house during that 10yrs.

Marty and I split up in 2006. Marty was in a near fatal motorcycle accident and spent a month in Baptist hospital recovering from his injuries. He sustained brain damage with frontal lobe damage among other life-threatening injuries. Before Marty and I split up I agreed to foster a long haired akita named Rocky with a new rescue. The person who ran the rescue wouldn’t foster dogs because her own dog was too aggressive. Rocky was not friendly, was very aggressive, I was the only one who could touch the dog. I have a way with aggressive dogs and I thought I could save him. I was caught up in rescue and wanting to save them all. There are so many dogs and the people in rescue are crazy. Rocky should have been put to sleep after he bit Marty. I just wanted to save him so bad, that was my mistake.

I regret Rocky was shot and suffered but he should have been put to sleep before the incident happened. That was my mistake for not having him put down. I’m the one who took Rocky in to try and help. I’m the one who was there and experienced everything that happened that night and called the police. But let me ask you: Where were you when the big aggressive dog needed to be fed and I was dealing with 2 small kids and a brain damaged husband? Did you help? Did you help train the dog so it had a chance with a family? Where you present to evaluate the dog after he bit Marty? Were you the one who tried to help the big aggressive long-haired Akita named Rocky? No. No one helped me. The only person who helped was my babysitter and I know you aren’t her because she loved and thought a lot of Marty.

So the night Rocky was shot was only three months after Marty was released from the hospital. Twelve years ago the research on brain damage was not as widely known as it is today. The night it happened, Marty was coming over to get his personal belongings. We argued in the yard in front of the dog. Marty never touched me but we did a lot of yelling. I went in the house. Marty went to the shed to pack his stuff. Rocky was kept in a pen that was adjourning the shed and he had access to underneath the shed. It was dark and when Marty went to the shed, Rocky acted aggressively. Because of Marty’s brain damage he was confused about the fence being open and thought he was in danger of being attacked again. He grabbed a friend’s gun in the shed and shot the dog. I was mad and thought Marty was just being mean and I called the police. Marty was arrested and the vet was called to put Rocky to sleep.

After learning more about frontal lobe brain damage, I refused to testify against a brain damaged man in court. I imagine you are one of those, butt hurt rescue group people that got mad that I wouldn’t testify. Marty ended up pleading guilty to the charges because that was his choice. He could have beat them in court. I wasn’t going to testify after I understood his condition. I guess you didn’t get your satisfaction in court and that is why you pathetically hang on 12 years later like a stalker.

Marty had his faults, we all do. But he would be the first to admit them. How about you? What kind of person holds on 12 years, trolling the internet to celebrate someone’s death? You want to hide but put other people’s business on the internet. Lets discuss yours?

True Marty drank too much. He continued to better himself and was enrolled an intensive program at the time of his death. What are you doing for your problems, you have an ugly hateful soul? The only cure for ugliness inside is Jesus. I’ll pray you find him and can turn your life around.

Marty had a kind soul, before his death he took care and tried to get help for feral cats at the sawmill next to his house for 4 years. No rescue groups helped him with the cats. We had a dog shot by a neighbor on Christmas day 2016. Why aren’t you outraged about that? Do you know how many neighbors in Yadkin county who have shot or threatened to shoot my dogs. I’ve had 2 shot by neighbors that 1 had to be put to sleep on Christmas morning 2016 and 1 recovered from her wounds. Neither of those dogs were aggressive at all. That is ok though, you keep focusing on a single incident that you have misinformation about. Marty had a dog named Dash that he loved very much that is grieving him being gone.

I’m the one who wrote Marty’s obituary. I believe everything I wrote to be true. Let me write one based on what I know about you. Here is a person who is small and pathetic who held on for 12 years to celebrate another person’s death. An internet troll who disrespectfully posted their celebration for all grieving family could see without thought or feeling. May God save her soulless, mean, unforgiving self. Hey do you pick on kids with cancer, or bully little fat kids or brain damaged men your specialty?

You didn’t know Marty, you didn’t deserve to know Marty. I hope you get to know Jesus though. Bless your heart, cause you need it.

His family and friends are grieving his loss. Marty was never violent to me, his kids or any other animals. You’ve waited 12 years to celebrate his death and you say he has no soul. I’m not sure you are human much less have a soul. And you are creepy cyberstalking my family for 12 years. Marty has kids, family and friends who are grieving and you felt it was necessary to post your lies and misinformation on the internet. I was there, it was my experience. I don’t know you and you are repeating a story dramatized by overly zealous rescue group that didn’t get what they wanted.

Marty is gone now, I hope you can get a life and focus less on mine. Keep my name and my family’s name out of your mouth and out of your internet postings. If I find any other postings I will consider it harassment and cyberstalking and will seek criminal charges. Please refer to the NC general statute on Cyberstalking. Seek Jesus, you need him. Bless your heart.

Electronically mail or electronically communicate to another and to knowingly make any false statement concerning death, injury, illness, disfigurement, indecent conduct, or criminal conduct of the person electronically mailed or of any member of the person's family or household with the intent to abuse, annoy, ...

§ 14-196.3 - 3. Cyberstalking.


Posted 4:47 pm, 10/30/2018

Hey RedRoad whats your name? My name is Robin Spivey.


Posted 7:32 pm, 10/24/2018

Was his former wife named Robin?


Posted 10:28 pm, 10/21/2018


Posted 10:23 pm, 10/21/2018

"Gentle Spirit" ? No, had no spirit at all. Nor soul.


Posted 10:21 pm, 10/21/2018

This obit is the biggest lie ever written. Marty Spivey was NOT a good person- to any living thing. On one of his drunks, he got mad at the wife, went outside and shot a foster dog. Until the vet got there, the dog suffered horribly, and had to be put down. He had no respect or love for anything. Obituaries are a real laugh sometimes.

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