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New restaurant


Posted 11:52 am, 06/06/2017

Fillipino food is great if you like eating your own cat that has been missing for about a week, lmfao.

We want good American food, like a new steak house would go over big in this town, we need to rid ourselves of all the crap taco stands been going up , needs bulldozing. Anything containing that cheap rice needs to go, I hate rice thats not loaded with sugar for breakfast. Rice is a cheap filler, who needs to get fat?


Posted 8:59 am, 06/06/2017

yes..because of all the classic cuisines out there, Filip is in such demand.


Posted 8:29 am, 06/06/2017

Just what the area needs, more cheap, over-sized portioned food.


Posted 8:27 am, 06/06/2017

This new Amerisian Restaurant next to the Days Inn on HWY67 sounds horrible. By the way, "try our restaurant and see what you get" isn't really a winning slogan.


Posted 8:18 am, 06/06/2017

Seriously, if a PInoy is cooking, you will eat really well.


Posted 8:16 am, 06/06/2017

Filipino food is good home cooking. Try sinagong soup and lumpia. OMG! Good!
Lots of food on the plate! Hope they do well!


Posted 7:48 am, 06/06/2017

Did you live?


Posted 7:28 pm, 06/05/2017

I was thinking more like fish, and potatoes on a hot dog bun.
which actually doesn't sound too bad now that I think of it. Gorton's fish fillets with a hashbrown on a bun... I'm gonna try it. If I don't come back tonight, I'm probably in the bathroom regretting this decision.


Posted 3:38 pm, 06/05/2017

"a mixture of American, Irish, and Philippine food"...so cheeseburgers,boiled potatoes and bugs?


Posted 3:33 pm, 06/05/2017

I drove by there a few weeks ago and saw the "coming soon" sign, and it intrigued me. The sign said that they serve a mixture of American, Irish, and Philippine food (something I've never had).

They're in the old Valentino's location.

I'll add them to the GoYadkin.com restaurant section now that they're open, but if you have any more information than their name and hours (which is all that I have) then please help me update the listing. A copy of the menu would be great; listings with a menu get a LOT more attention than those that don't.


Posted 12:03 pm, 06/05/2017

5 to 9?

yeah, they'll be around awhile


Posted 9:32 am, 06/05/2017

chances of Me driving to Jonesville for breakfast....where did i leave that snowball?

sparkling water

Posted 9:02 am, 06/05/2017

How about you post a menu so I'll know what to expect when I arrive.

sparkling water

Posted 8:46 am, 06/05/2017

I can't wait.


Posted 7:31 am, 06/05/2017

When you hear people ask for new place to eat that are different and you find a place. Then why not take advantage. The is a New place in Jonesville Open from 5am for breakfast and closes at 9 pm . Amerisian Restaurant Next to Days Inn on HWY67.Best Deals in town and breakfast are huge and cheap. Dare anyone who not been there yet to try and see what you get.

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