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New online NC vehicle registration software


Posted 9:36 am, 03/19/2019

Yep, now $10.00. Due to principle and my orneriness, I will not use the online system.


Posted 4:40 pm, 03/08/2019

I hadn't had one needing renewal since your post on this subject, btw, it's no longer $3.00, they increased it to $10.00.

Bye bye online registration, I'll be stopping by the office.


Posted 7:40 pm, 01/07/2019

Got it to work. Was supposed to click on SEARCH, up above and to the right, after entering the plate and title info. This system was new in Nov 2018. The new charge of $3.00 was added. No extra charge in the past.
At the end of the process, one is supposed to click on a button that says thanks (for gouging me $3.00). Ain't gubmint wonderful?


Posted 3:14 pm, 01/05/2019

Anyone tried it? First you register with password. Then enter the license and title number. But the page will not scroll down enough to see the command to go to the next page. So nothing more happens.
And if it does work, there is an extra $3.00 fee, according to the website. But I did not get far enough to pay anything.
I guess that the low bidder supplied the software.

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