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Posted 5:51 am, 01/02/2018

However, the proper distillation of wine into brandy removes some of the deadly methyl alcohol while fractional freezing concentrates it.


Posted 4:52 am, 01/02/2018

Yes my maddog has partially frozen before and of course I drank the remaining liquid. Tasted like brandy with rabies.


Posted 12:27 am, 01/02/2018

Well Sarg, for liquor to be sold in NC, it has to first be taxed. And that’s a bit of a problem with most of the beverages that were brought up in this thread.


Posted 9:34 pm, 01/01/2018

Fwiw, unless the laws have changed again, any liquor above 151 proof can no longer be sold in NC.... Everclear had to proof down their product so they could continue selling in NC. I imagine 151 was the magic number thanks to Bacardi's well-established product


Posted 8:43 pm, 01/01/2018

The writing is near creek banks or near small branch banks now. Yet some still lye under ground. Pictures would be as good as writing even as stills have almost eroded away. Well those Charlie F Blew up anyway. Funny, we'd use unused fuse lines for clothes lines. They worked good, didn't leave no stain on clothing nor sagging. May have some still laying around in shed or some where. LOL...


Posted 7:56 pm, 01/01/2018

GW, I didn't read through this whole thread but did you ever find anyone to do the writing?


Posted 6:30 pm, 01/01/2018

re: winter wine

I'm sure that would raise the alcohol concentration as you would be removing water from the mixture, thus concentrating it. But how much, who knows. Depending on the original concentration, it might freeze at a lower temperature than 32 also. And It's also possible that evaporation rates will increase as EtOH has a lower volitility than water, so keep it corked ;)


Posted 9:28 pm, 12/25/2017

I do have to admit, my grandpa's moonshine jars always smelled like diesel exhaust, and I kinda miss that smell


Posted 9:19 pm, 12/25/2017

You missed the part where they said “some” and “can”. You implied that it’s common in all moonshine. Typical liberal to spin and try to mislead.


Posted 5:54 pm, 12/25/2017

Vehicle Radiators not good for a condenser. Yet dey work, but like said not good for consumption in the long haul....


Posted 5:18 pm, 12/25/2017

Nothing new there only idiots use lead solder or old car radiators. But as my grandpa told a neighbor with a bad hangover (son it wasn't the quality of the likker it was the quantity)


Posted 4:35 pm, 12/25/2017


Posted 4:10 pm, 12/25/2017

Know it is not. Once again, you are wrong. That’s only a problem if not distilled properly.


Posted 4:03 pm, 12/25/2017

Inst this redneck cocktail known to have toxic amounts of lead in it?


Posted 5:10 pm, 12/24/2017

Juan is an old regular. Mostly on GA. Haven’t seen him in a long long time.

juan valdez

Posted 5:05 pm, 12/24/2017

me no get moonshine me get mery jane me goat lov mery jane


Posted 5:01 pm, 12/24/2017

Now I haven't seen a long of drunk mexicans but I have seen a lot of doped up mexicans now which are you??

juan valdez

Posted 4:31 pm, 12/24/2017

Me no have moonshine me have mercy Jane


Posted 9:53 pm, 12/21/2017

As young adult my parents would put fruit in a old ceramic canister on top of hot water heater in cold months which was enclosed in small area & it would work off well. Yet you could smell it as soon as you walked in. Guess you could call it Winter Wine? Some frozen & some Never frozen fruit. Yet after strained and worked off again it had the "KICK"...


Posted 8:39 pm, 12/21/2017

Well, of course no one would actually DO it, this thread is strictly for educational purposes

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