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Posted 9:24 am, 08/08/2017

A Google search produces some interesting reading.


wilbar wonder

Posted 3:21 pm, 08/07/2017

Old school, young'uns today could not tote sacks of sugar and chop through the woods. They could not stay off their phones long enough to do anything.

People today are too nosey, you cannot set up a shack in the woods without someone finding it and turning you in. It is very hard to make lickker in Wilkes today. Ashe is just as bad. Tried to set up an operation up there several years ago in a very remote place and some do gooders found it before I got one run off.


Posted 11:26 am, 08/07/2017

Old Blue once told me the best way to run a moonshiner was to stop and rest when the person he was chasing rested. Old Blue was a character and could spin some yarns from days past.RIP Old Blue!


Posted 10:32 am, 08/07/2017

If you read up on the poppy farmers in Afghanistan, it's interesting how similar their story today is to the stories of the liquor makers around here.

Old School 1951

Posted 4:11 am, 08/07/2017

The novelty of making licker seems to amaze lots of young folks today. I guess it is the thrill of doing something you ain't suppose to do and getting by with it. Bootleggin was a job for the poor, hard work, long hours and fairly good money. I ain't going to go into much personal stuff cause I don't want to embarrass my family or expose my family name but just to let you know I have squeezed my share. I have never had to run from the law in a car like in the movies but I have had to cut out a couple of times in the woods. I always laid me out a plan for running and had a back up plan if that one got cut short. I always put running down the branch as a last ditch effort to cover scent. For one thing you muddy up the water and people can tell you come thru there. The other thing is getting your shoes wet ain't too comfortable and wears blisters on your feet. Revenuers like to chase you but don't like to tear up their clothes. I run thru thickets and down hill as much as I could but I never got caught. One time I was the only one that didn't cause when they run in I was hunkered down in some laurels taking a dump. I just set still till the commotion was over and slipped back out by their cars and down the road. It ain't the fun people think it is and I doubt if many young folks today could cut the mustard. Hard, hot, dangerous, and nothing to be proud of in my opinion. Most bootleggin families I know in Wilkes have turned out some pretty mean younguns. Not very ambitious but awfully hard headed. I don't know if it was the licker or hearing all the tales but thats just the way I see it. Drugs ruined licker sales and promoted a whole nother brand of bootleggers. It can't ever be the same again but in some ways I guess you could look back and laugh at some of the stuff that went on.


Posted 4:27 pm, 08/06/2017

Just call Tickle in Danville. He will make you up a batch.


Posted 1:36 am, 08/04/2017

i wish i had a couple gallons of good right now


Posted 10:42 am, 07/29/2017

I helped carry several of them to their graves. Many had twenty one 30/06 rounds fired over their graves, some less than a dozen mourners. They were all real men. They were different than the ones in charge of our society today.


Posted 10:40 am, 07/29/2017

Johnson County Sheriff painted on the side...


Posted 10:33 am, 07/29/2017

I knew a lot of the Moonshiners in Wilkes. Some served in our military, some struggled every day here to help their families. They did what they had to in order to survive. Not a single one was born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

Joseph T.

Posted 9:42 am, 07/29/2017

Ding Ding Ding we have a winner


Posted 9:38 am, 07/29/2017

I know of a Copperhead Hollow Road not too far away in Tennessee.


Posted 12:13 am, 07/29/2017

The location is hinted at in the song. The band that originally wrote the song were from that area and had the luck of meeting Steve Earle and sold the song. Unfortunately, what little success they had was drank and snorted away.

~glitter and glamour~

Posted 12:05 am, 07/29/2017

Thank you, Fins.


Posted 11:26 pm, 07/28/2017

Glitter, it's not in NC.


Posted 10:30 pm, 07/28/2017

Never saw any squirrels in the beer box usually it was possums lol

Joseph T.

Posted 10:12 pm, 07/28/2017


~glitter and glamour~

Posted 9:59 pm, 07/28/2017

Is it in Ashe? I think I parked there.

Joseph T.

Posted 9:45 pm, 07/28/2017


Posted 7:39 pm, 07/28/2017

Joe, what was the name change?

The road signs was stolen so much that they added hollow to the end hoping it would stop people from stealing them.


Posted 9:19 pm, 07/28/2017

Those dead rats floating around in the mash boxes was nasty.Dead squirells also,those varmints would drink the slop in the mash boxes and get drunk and fall into the mash boxes.They probably helped the flavor of the Sugarhead!

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