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Monopoly bullying

Duke energy crooks

Posted 8:51 pm, 07/31/2019

Duke energy crooks

Posted 10:18 pm, 07/30/2019

Duke is now sending out extortion letters if you don't wish to have an AMI smart meter installed on your property. They lie about the safety of these devices to your face and demand a lot of money for not participating in their scheme to spy on your family as the information these devices collect are sold by them to interested third parties without your consent and the devices also have burned down many a home as the parts are plastic as opposed to metal as the tried and true analog meters. EMF is harmful to humans and animals but they care not at all. At the end of their letter they mention that they WILL install an AMI meter if you don't pay the protection money when the easement does not cover wireless transfer of information. I'd just like to say the leadership at Duke Energy are sorry, greedy, scumbags living in their mansions and my comment doesn't include the majority of people that work for them just trying to make a living. Just be aware that some people won't tolerate you just waltzing onto their property thinking you'll do as you please. Best ask permission to even set foot on someone's land. Duke along with many other large monopolies have no respect for anyone or anything. If you don't believe me, just do some research on AMI meters and Duke's dirty deeds. The love of money is the root of all that is evil, Duke.

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