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Lowe’s Food of Yadkinville


Posted 6:54 pm, 02/07/2019

Good that they were honest.
For yourself, it might be beneficial to do things with sort of a checklist. Be sure you have the wallet secured immediately after completing the transaction-- before doing anything else-- etc.


Posted 3:14 pm, 02/07/2019

In this day and age this is such a nice story. There are still honest people in this world !


Posted 7:11 pm, 02/06/2019

Today I worked in Yadkin County. My hands have been super dry lately so while I was in my car, I took my engagement ring off & laid it in my lap to put some lotion on. I went into Lowe’s Foods during lunch to get a few things and as I was pulling out on to the main road I realized I had left my wallet in my buggy in the parking lot. I rushed back over and a sweet lady who worked there was pushing the parking lot buggies back inside and told me she had indeed found my wallet & had left it at the front desk. (She kindly brought it out to my car for me because my foot is still broken)

THEN about an hour later I looked down and my engagement ring was gone!!! I went into full on panic mode, knowing it was either in the floorboard of my car or in the parking lot at Lowe’s. I searched my car up and down & called Lowe’s and talked to some sweet angel named Wayne. Wayne checked the front and informed me it had not been turned in, but then asked me what vicinity I had parked in. I tried to explain it to him as well as I could; and after sitting on hold for about 5 (what seemed like eternity) minutes, Wayne came back and said “Ok. I found a ring. But can you describe it to me?” Lol- holy moly it was MY RING! I started bawling and couldn’t thank him enough. When I got back over to Lowe’s Foods I didn’t get see Wayne to thank him but I’m throwing this out into the universe just in case he were to come across it. WAYNE, YOU ROCK! You literally saved me from having a full on heart attack today! Thank you for being so honest and for being my angel on earth! (& of course, thank you to the precious lady who turned in my wallet. Of course I’m forever grateful for you as well! It’s just that my wallet doesn’t hold the same sentimental value my ring does! But it’s still super important lol!)

Lowe’s Foods of Yadkinville: your honest, caring employees ROCK!

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