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HELP stop 4 proposed roundabouts on 601 in Yadkinville!!!!


Posted 4:02 pm, 05/30/2018

I love the idea of the traffic circle or roundabouts on 601 in yadkinville and the no left turns and all rights, I've been through there and a lot of people in that town don't really need to be driving in traffic


Posted 8:38 pm, 05/29/2018

onlyinthefalls (view profile)

Posted 4:20 pm, 04/09/2018

Sounds like a great project to improve traffic flow to me.

Roundabouts are one thing, the proposed median from Lee Av. to the 421 interchange will ruin all businesses along that stretch.

If you don't believe me, go talk to business owners along S. Main St in King.

And we saw what happened to the Clemmons commissioners that backed a proposed median at the last election


Posted 4:20 pm, 04/09/2018

Sounds like a great project to improve traffic flow to me.

My Statement

Posted 9:46 am, 04/08/2018

When is the May meeting?


Posted 9:37 am, 04/08/2018

The proposed medians and roundabouts will be voted on at the May town commissioners meeting. I urge everyone who is opposed to the plan to attend and let your voices be heard. This also includes anyone who travels that stretch of 601, not just residents of Yadkinville.


Posted 9:39 pm, 04/05/2018

In addition to the roundabouts, they are proposing medians running from Lee Av south to the 421 entrance ramp.


Posted 10:36 am, 03/02/2018

I had my doubts about roundabouts the first time I heard about them. Have since learned, due to experience and use, to like them in some situations. Yadkindogs makes some very valid points about use of roundabouts in this particular case.
In addition, roundabouts use a lot of space and the price is incredibly high-- do they pay the construction labor a $1000 an hour?
Every idea about this problem needs to be considered. But roundabouts have many potential problems for this situation.


Posted 2:00 pm, 03/01/2018

I don't like this because they have to set these roundabouts up to make way for the coming disastrous self- driving car plan the powers that be want to force on us all. A small part of Agenda 21 and 2030. Read about it and resist.


Posted 11:42 pm, 02/28/2018

There is a public meeting TODAY from 4-7 PM at Yadkinvlle Elementary School, 305 N State Street.

You can also contact the 2 project leads who will be at the meeting:

Dean Ledbetter, PE
NCDOT Div 11 Project Team Lead
801 Statesville Rd
North Wilkesboro, NC 28659


Tommy Register, PE
TGS Engineers
919-773-8887, ext 108

While roundabouts can help flow, instead of putting up signs that restrict left turns into/out of Sheetz, McDonalds, and Food Lion at PEAK rush hour times.... they want to put in not 1, not 2, not 3, but FOUR roundabouts on 601.

These foreign, non-Yadkin county engineers want to put at these locations:
- just south of 421, just past the overpass
- just north of 421, just past the overpass
- one at the shell station
- one at Lee Avenue

All the north-south traffic will dominate these circles. East/West traffic will never be able to get into them during peak times! All major government and private studies state the #1 reason when roundabouts should NOT be installed is on main thoroughfares where there are no alternative parallel routes (which is exactly 601).

Emergency vehicles, which frequently are on 601... do NOT have right of way in a roundabout! The rule for roundabouts, without exception, is ALL traffic already in the circle has TOTAL right of way. Good luck if you need fire or ambulance and it has to wait and navigate 4 of these monstrosities!!!

They could EASILY just put up signs saying "NO LEFT TURNS, 7-9AM and 4-6PM. That would solve any and all the problems more easily than any roundabout.

And for Pete's sake... EXTEND THE CENTER TURN LANE all the way down 601 fro m 421 to Lee Avenue. That would fix the Food Lion bottlenecks they created when they re-did around Lee Avenue the last time.

They already removed lanes from 601 when they made the dead-bike path (which nobody in Yadkin county has yet to use..).

So PLEASE VOICE YOUR DISAPPROVAL if you think 4 roundabouts will destroy any traffic flow down the ONE and ONLY main road through Yadkinville.

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