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Freedom ain't free


Posted 1:32 pm, 03/17/2023

Rachel Levine: The 'Wheels Will Turn' on Gender Transitions for Minors (breitbart.com)
Look at this abomination posing as a woman that fully intends to confuse your children and push them into the permanent damage of mutilating surgeries and hormones that will screw them up for life. There is no evil greater than this.


Posted 12:14 pm, 03/17/2023

Think your money is safe in your bank? Due to actions taken during obamanation's years all deposits belong to the bank in fact and the FDIC will not be reimbursing your so called insured deposits because it too is a scam. Gold, silver, guns, ammo, coffee, and many other items will be worth having around after all this goes down. I don't want their stinking digital currency they will try to force on us. Water and food top the list of must-haves.


Posted 5:14 pm, 03/15/2023

Executive orders are blatantly unconstitutional and there are parts of what they have just done that will violate due process which means you are considered guilty until you can expensively prove yourself innocent in court. This flies in the face of innocent until proven guilty and the best thing anyone can do is nullify this crap by non-enforcement by local Sheriffs and police departments. The federal government is out of control as anyone can see. Hopefully we won't be inside World War III soon due to this lawlessness that has almost trashed our Constitution and will result in the deaths of countless Americans.


Posted 2:40 pm, 03/15/2023

Biden Unveils New Gun Control Executive Order, Vows To Ban All ĎAssault Weapons' (infowars.com)

The only reason a government would go looking to get your guns is because that government is almost ready to do something to you that you would shoot them for. So be it.

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