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anyone know of a really cheap place to rent?


Posted 11:34 pm, 06/13/2018

lol 100 a month would be awesome for him - he's not found work yet and needs to make funds last


Posted 7:22 pm, 06/08/2018

How cheap..? Would that be $100. or would that be $500.


Posted 3:56 pm, 06/08/2018

"get back on his feet" How he got knocked off his feet might be an interesting and revealing story.


Posted 12:56 am, 06/04/2018

I have a friend who needs a place of his own. He's from out of town and fresh out of a relationship so he's travelling light if you know what I mean. NO drug usage, no problems - he just wants a place of his own to get back on his feet and start fresh. Looking in hamptonville area, but open to other areas from wilkes to winston to elkin and mocksville.

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