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MVAC Might Be Dramatically Different in Fall 2021


Posted 11:49 pm, 03/05/2021

As I said. North Surry has what, been shut out by both Walkertown and North Forsyth through 2 weeks. No wonder why y'all threw a fit about playing with the Forsyth schools. Can't even score a point on the two weakest teams in their county, lol. Y'all are going to struggle with North and West Wilkes. Looks like it will be a Forbush, Central, and East Surry ran conference. Lol throwing a fit over North Surry. That's hilarious.


Posted 3:17 am, 03/03/2021

No proof? It's been common knowledge for years around here dude. Forbush tried repeatedly to get in in 2 different alignments and they were blocked every time by certain factors. NS also tried in 2015 but just did so once. Certain schools in particular didn't want either them in for whatever reason. Why should they have been scared of them? Sounds like they wanted to play those down and out 1A schools instead. 'Bush HATED that Forsyth conference and didn't want it despite it being quicker travel. They were willing to suffer on travel to play the MVAC.

The Surry/Stokes schools eventually tried to do their own league even offering Forbush a spot but didn't want that as they had a hard on for the MVAC. Forbush eventually appealed it to the state in 2016 for a MVAC inclusion(and had a nice presentation and everything,) but no cigar. Ashe being gone to 3A is the best thing for everyone because they can't power broker anymore as their AD seemed to have a lot of say so. Didn't help them this time.

MVAC isn't going to be weak.. it's gonna be better than what everyone figures. Not as strong as the new Northwest but pretty solid none the less. Want to see weak.. check Shelby's conference out full of awful 1A schools like Highland Tech , rthat weird conference that has Carver/Bishop McGuiness with private schools near Meck and Gastonia.. now that's weak.


Posted 10:46 pm, 03/01/2021

That's all interesting. But this will be a weak conference and with the subtraction of split-classifications, any conference winner from this new conference will struggle in the playoffs. You tend to say a lot without any proof or objectivity when making claims. I can assure you, nobody in Ashe or Wilkes County is "hissy-fitting" about North Surry or Forbush, lol. That was funny. Nonetheless, this conference will have some parity but may end up being one of the weakest conferences in the state.


Posted 10:32 pm, 03/01/2021

East Surry's the flavor of the past decade but they will die off like Elkin did in the 2000's.. Surry county's too blood thirsty of a county to allow them to get away with winning constantly. Once the rest of the title team and the brothers of those kids go for good in another 2-3 years they will be back to what they were pre 2018.. still be a stubborn well coached team but not world winners. Their HC is a lucky yes man in the spot.. if he has to struggle I see him having a hard time. Their middle school teams have struggled the past 2 years.. it'll be nice to see them down to earth. In fact lovely.

And I wouldn't insult North Surry too much.. it says a lot that several of the schools in the MVAC had hissy fits two different times when both North Surry and Forbush respectfully asked to be put in the conference itself.. those schools who did didn't want to have any tough games in any sport. Ashe County and Wilkes Central in particular both hissy fitted at the thought of either one joining both times in the 2010's.. that's sad. If the shoe was flipped I don't see either team doing that well with the piedmont schools

Forbush will be a constant figure in the mix and when NS gains more experience after this season I see them being involved too. Both have young teams but will thud the other ones if given the chance. Same for Surry Central too.. Wilkes Central's not going to run anyone over so easy.


Posted 6:02 pm, 02/25/2021

East Wilkes has a packed house every Friday night. They can't get passed success of their youth and middle school teams. Kids get to high school and quit working because they have been told how good they are.

West and North just don't have 2A caliber athletes. Central will fair better in their 2A conference next year. The competition will help them. They fizzle out in the playoffs when they don't have to play anyone during conference play. Same for Ashe.


Posted 3:14 pm, 02/25/2021

Wilkes is what wilkes is. There is talent but it doesn't get developed and/or kids don't take sports seriously. There is no tradition or metric/standard to strive to because football has never been consistently successful for any school in Wilkes. I enjoy watching the local teams play but that is reality. It seems like schools could care less how successful their programs are as well. That's why I get out of Wilkes on Friday nights to watch legitimate programs. I've been watching high school football for 35+ years. Schools like East Surry have talent that they don't normally have. Good luck to them.


Posted 2:45 pm, 02/25/2021

Eaat Surry will be fine in 2a. We need to worry about why the teams in Wilkes arent ok in the classifications we're currently in..Its 1 and done for the teams that do make it.


Posted 7:59 am, 02/25/2021

They can pray on Wilkes teams all they want to. Not my point. They're not beating Shelby lol. There's is about to be no more splitting classifications. And once East Surry loses those D1 kids, it's back to normalcy for them.


Posted 5:29 pm, 02/24/2021

Now they will prey on weak 2a teams like..Wilkes Central...North Wilkes...and West Wilkes..along with 1a East Wilkes some more...


Posted 5:27 pm, 02/24/2021

So little you know...Lmao you do know East Surry just beat Reidsville last season. Last season Reidsville won the 2a State championship..and is one of the winningest programs not only in NC but in the nation...So i think East Surry will do just fine in 2a.


Posted 1:27 pm, 02/14/2021

Maybe so. Even so, East Surry won't do anything in 2A. Praying on the weak 1a teams like East Wilkes is officially over.


Posted 5:44 am, 02/13/2021

East Surry will easily be the class of the conference. Unless you guys have been hiding under a rock recently, then we should know..that East Surry just sent the Qb and WR from last year to UNC..another receiver to NC State..they have a lineman currently committed to Tennessee..and Junior WR that has verbally committed to Ohio State...No team in Wilkes is competing with them...just wait...lol


Posted 3:53 pm, 02/12/2021

Think East Surry and central will be the class of the conference in football. I just have never been very impressed with north Surry. Albeit they have a competing team every 4 or so years. Think they will be middle of the road with the forbushs in this conference.


Posted 3:24 pm, 02/11/2021

New MVAC's gonna have a lot of parity minus West/North Wilkes unless they turn it around. I think the other 5 will all have good runs in it. Granted I find Wilkes Central hard to figure right now but at least there will be some mystery involved.


Posted 10:44 pm, 02/06/2021

New league is good. Should be some good battles between East Surry and central in football.


Posted 12:21 am, 02/05/2021

^conference not league.. this site needs an editor feature stat.


Posted 12:21 am, 02/05/2021

3rd draft came out today with no real changes to the MVAC.

Northwest wise NCHSAA took Millennium Charter out and put them in a private school league with more Piedmont teams. They were only gonna play Basketball and soccer/cross country anyways. Looks like the Northwest will have 7 teams including East Wilkes, Alleghany, Elkin, and Starmount.


Posted 12:17 am, 02/05/2021

WC's gonna have to improve their numbers to hang in Football. They could get away with 18-20 kids vs the 1A schools but playing the Surry schools/Forbush who have at least 25-30 players every year on Varsity it's not an ideal situation. Central did that in the mid 90's in the old Foothills 3A league and had a real hard time. They do have some fast kids but if turnout can't improve it won't really matter. Turner will have to prove himself or else his time may be up. WC's lost their momentum super fast the past 2 seasons. If the men's soccer team cancelling the year shows anything then it'll be an uphill battle.

Same for Ashe in the 3A league.. they will have to get more kids out to even think to compete in that league or else they'll be like West Caldwell.


Posted 10:52 pm, 02/03/2021

Central will be fine in football, basketball, and baseball. West will be ok in baseball. Other than that West and North struggle now in the MVAC. Especially in football.


Posted 11:37 pm, 01/27/2021

That's most of the 2A schools from the late 80's. Will make it hard on Wilkes schools to win in the Big 3 sports for boys and girls

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