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Central Softball


Posted 8:25 pm, 02/19/2020

You'll have this ones head on a stick soon.


Posted 5:29 am, 02/14/2020

Really anything is better than what they had. Just because someone has coached rec ball for years way back then coached some travel teams should never have been given a job as a janitor just so they fit inside the rules of having to be employed by the county or school system or whatever the exact rule was. I'm very happy he is gone and I would take anyone who knows sports like the current coach over a corrupt embarrassing coach that was there..ask anyone who coached against him, I've heard other coaches use the term a complete because it was never hard to be 2 steps ahead of him. We had great teams and players but never could beat West and why? Yes West has been loaded but a huge thing was always West simply out coached out maneuvered us every year. The new coach is a blessing and very long overdue.


Posted 8:10 am, 02/09/2020

Not sure they made a better decision though. Someone with no coaching experience and someone that's just started their education career?


Posted 11:40 pm, 01/27/2020

Honestly this was long overdue. From everything I was told and saw for myself the school should be ashamed to even have put this person in charge of anything. Everything that was done for years was put up with while so many were done wrong. Hopefully the school has learned a lesson of what not to do when selecting a person to lead young athletes.


Posted 7:15 pm, 12/18/2019

I just heard today that the head coach which everyone knows his name but i will not call him out by name will not be allowed to coach this year. This does surprise me but they had no idea why this happened. Just wondering if anyone knew why this happened?

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