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Handy person needed


Posted 6:42 pm, 03/16/2020

Very professional thank you.james 336-262-6556

John Parks

Posted 1:44 am, 03/12/2020

my name is John Parks , I have been doing Carpenter and yard work for 20 plus years, you can check with Caldwell construction in Roaring Gap about my work ask for David or Tammy,l can do the work you have, call or text me at 336 927 3043 if you think I can help,thanks


Posted 8:54 pm, 03/08/2020

Retired carpenter/contractor 40 years.
All home repairs, commercial project management. I still take 2 or 3 jobs a month. Still have truck and tools


Posted 6:13 pm, 02/29/2020

Have truck and tools helper if need.336-262-6556 ask for James


Posted 8:41 am, 02/15/2020

I do handyman services i am really good at what i do i been doing it 8+ years just call or text me at 3364527818


Posted 1:23 pm, 12/17/2019

Hey you still needed work don't I'm vary dependAble


Posted 3:22 am, 10/15/2019

9 out of 10 won't show up or return calls....been their, had done to me many times......


Posted 10:45 am, 08/13/2019

call me im mike i have over 40+ years experience and im knowledgeable about a lot!!!

Skilled Handy man

Posted 4:09 pm, 08/12/2019

Give me a call or message me if this is still available. I have worked in carpentry for over 20 years and I am looking for work for me and my step son's to do. Guaranteed great work. Please call 336-566-9479 my name is Mark.


Posted 11:31 am, 05/03/2019

Yes i have been doing all types lof construction for 17 years and can do about anything and im very interested in doing what you need please give me a call at 3364529681


Posted 8:04 pm, 04/28/2019

Are you still in need of some work being done? If so what kind?


Posted 9:29 pm, 04/14/2019

Looking for dependable handyman for a few simple tasks.

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