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Starmount high school girls basketball coach
From my understanding a bunch of girls were cut from the team for not going to summer practices and workout which he made mandatory? Also...

Dewey Andrew Lane
Story in today's Ripple about this man being charged with 9 felonies. Sounds like he got rough with his "girlfriend". Is this t...

Pics with Santa Claus
Are there any places where Santa will be for kids to get pics with him and if so prices?

The Yadkin Valley Militia will be holding a public Meet and Greet on Saturday, October 18th from 9am until 2pm @ Forbush Fire department....

Lets Help The Poor Yadkin Farmer
Down 601 where the large grain bins are. I passed through there yesterday and saw two big Massey combines cutting soybeans. I guess he ne...

Anyone wanna ride at 4wheelers at aaa farms sat
Just looking for people to ride with

Congratulations to Edith Chavez - Best Biscuit Maker in the Southeast

Your Duke Energy login isn't safe btw. God I hate Duke Energy
I try to log in on any of my computers, and it takes me to someone else's account! I have full access to their account. I can see their u...

Yadkin County teacher accused of sending pornographic photos to student

Someone please tell me What time does yadkin county court start
What time does yadkin county court start for traffic tickets

Annebelles in WInston
Anyone here ever been to Annebelles in WInston Salem?

Starmount Homecoming Corruption
The Yadkin County School Administration should launch an official inquiry into the atrocious results of this rigged event. The Starmount ...

Looks like when I come through yadkin county I can now get me a drink of liquor.
Which churches will be investing in bars?

Rush is right--
-- about low information voters. Guilford County is mostly liberal but the voters rejected am increase in the sales TAX-- no way to hide ...

SHS concession stand
Has anyone visited the concession stand at Starmount? Since when is it safe to serve slaw and chili in little containers. Slaw is not kep...

It looks like Virginia Foxx has this one in the bag. The sites still show that 187 out of 244 precincts have reported, but she's already ...

Get out and vote!
We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both. Louis D. B...

Ammo tax
At present, ammunition has Federal tax of 11% built into the price-- plus the NC sales tax added when it is purchased by the consumer. Ka...

14K Gold Prices in Yadkin County
Which place in Yadkin County pays the most for 14K gold jewelry?

Candle sale
Does anybody know when they will have one this month?


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