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Yadkin Telephone
We have been asked to run high speed fiber to old post office for gambling parlor. Is this legal ?

Fracking in Yadkin's future
http://myfox8.com/2014/07/1...te-budget/ Everyone better read this! Something tells me this guy probably does not have Yadkin County in h...

Lady who stole my phone
Ok I have already posted on gowilkes but since you said you live in Jonesville I hope this works. There was a blonde lady who stopped at ...

Dewey Andrew Lane
Story in today's Ripple about this man being charged with 9 felonies. Sounds like he got rough with his "girlfriend". Is this t...

Starved..to Death
http://www.wxii12.com/news/...e/26296482 The sheriff's dept was called a year ago on these horses. NOTHING was done and one died from sta...

Landscaping in Yadkin Co.
Who provides good landscaping in Yadkin Co.?

Paul McCartney
I don't know why I am such a nice guy. In addition to helping the needy overcome their irrational fears and understand the most simple th...

what happened on hwy 21 with the bad wreck
Does anyone know what happened on hwy 21 with the bad wreck

A real need
Well I was going to just let this forum grind to a stop but a real need came up. Therefore I am returning for just a little while. Don't ...

Where in Yadkinville are they having fireworks tonight? And what time?

Gas prices are rippping you people of yadkinville off
I was through your fair county and Yadkinville yesterday and I was appalled to see just what I have been saying for over a year. Where ev...

Thanks for the fortified wine. I have not tasted anything so sweet since Maddog 20 -20. Real nice place to visit.

casamia's pizza
Has casamia's pizza in Boonville closed down? or moved maybe? I loved their pizza. I would have thought they were doing good business eve...

As I drove by...
my kid's school today I noticed the car line starting to form at 1:30 (OMG) and then I looked in the other direction and this guy was wal...

Jonesville Hardware Store
I'm confused about the people running the hardware store on Hwy 67 in Jonesville. Heard they were supposed to be a Christian family runni...

Income Inequality
I'm confused about why income inequality is such a huge issue lately. Why should a high school drop out expect to make as much or more th...

Looking for houses in yadkinville area
Hey I an looking for a 2 -3 bedroom house in yadkinville area for 400 _500 a month.

More kids starving in NC than bald eagles dying of lead poison in the US
North Carolina and Louisiana lead the nation with the highest percentage of children under 5 years of age who are food insecure on a regu...

Trooper **** ***** and 16 year old girl at Forbush High School
It's pretty well known by all the kids at Forbush for the past few years that a certain beautifull young girl was enticed by Trooper ****...

Lead Ammo...causes agonizing deaths
http://www.youtube.com/watc...FXbSZybpwk Very, very sad.


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