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Dewey Andrew Lane
Story in today's Ripple about this man being charged with 9 felonies. Sounds like he got rough with his "girlfriend". Is this t...

"A Matter of Faith" movie coming to Jonesville...
Hey everyone, I wanted to let you know that I am sponsoring the movie "A Matter of Faith" to the Jonesville area (Starmount Cro...

Fracking in Yadkin's future
http://myfox8.com/2014/07/1...te-budget/ Everyone better read this! Something tells me this guy probably does not have Yadkin County in h...

Your favorite funny YouTube video
This guy is hilarious. https://www.youtube....aGinQ#t=46

New to Yadkin
I just moved to Yadkin County all the way from Wilkes County. Tell me where the good local places are to dine and shop? I love shopping l...

Can anyone recommend a good honest carpenter?

Yadkin Telephone
We have been asked to run high speed fiber to old post office for gambling parlor. Is this legal ?

V FOxx meeting with voters while on 5 week vacation....
On five weeks vacation oops recess sorry....you would think that she would have time to meet with her constituents of the 5th District th...

Kay Hagen is nothing more than a Obama Prostuite. She has her nose so far up his butt that if he turns a corner to fast it would break hi...

It is about time sombody came up with this idea
http://www.theonion.com/art...wea,36626/ Get the dedbeats out of the welfare line. yaaaah

Nov Voting
http://www.yadkinripple.com...-OlfuNu7Gs This Includes Mixed Beverages in "Private Clubs" sounds like a good idea to me.

I generally just read through the list of topics without commenting, just to get the feel of the community. I find it interesting that th...

Rumor is that McDonalds in y'ville is moving. Anything on that?

7 Mile Yard Sale Jonesville I think
Any of you going? Do you know what time and what address it starts at?

Garbage Tax
If you pay 60 bucks or whatever it is for garbage tax, does this mean you pay to get rid of some items at the dump? I had a wore out vacu...

I-77 in Virginia Closed Northbound At Big Walker Mountain Tunnel
I 77 North closes at Big Walker Mountain tunnel due to a fire. May take several days before it is reopened.

Lady who stole my phone
Ok I have already posted on gowilkes but since you said you live in Jonesville I hope this works. There was a blonde lady who stopped at ...

Starved..to Death
http://www.wxii12.com/news/...e/26296482 The sheriff's dept was called a year ago on these horses. NOTHING was done and one died from sta...

Landscaping in Yadkin Co.
Who provides good landscaping in Yadkin Co.?

Paul McCartney
I don't know why I am such a nice guy. In addition to helping the needy overcome their irrational fears and understand the most simple th...


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